Derketo priest exist?

Game mode: [Online | pvp #3985]
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Region: [South America]

I played this game for the Derketo’s Avatar. I built the templo, put the altar there, I spent 2 month of my life, building, I read on the forum, and the google, there isn’t Derketo priest. That is true? I cann’t believie it is true. Only I play for this time. I did only one dungeon. Please, help me! I waste a long time looking for.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I believe they will be added in this week’s parity patch. None currently


I’ve read that too… but can’t help to think that is old news. I’ve been trying to farm NPCs in all different regions and came across a spot called Pagoda of Boundless Lusts :wink:
That is also where you find the NPC for learning the religion. just outside are a few of her people in various spots. One that might be particular interesting for you is a campfire just east of her.
2 NPCs are sitting there, sometimes just worker-thralls (cook, etc…) but a few times I’ve had Derketo High Priests there.

I would assume there are more places where you can find them, but I haven’t explored everything yet. So this is as much as I can tell you.
Also I am playing on PC, but I don’t know why that should make a difference in this particular matter…

Here is a picture, the X roughly marks the campfire.

Good luck :slight_smile:


They are not on PS4 yet, will be coming in next patch. Then they will spawn at the bonfire to the right of the pagoda, I think.
The spot old mate marked on the map has nothing at the moment, just empty space, this will change with the patch.


I’ve looked all the swamp, and this fire pit doesn’t exist on my server, it’s oficial server. Hahahahaha… it’s frustrating, they sell I could call Derketo Avatar, but I cann’t.

Save yourself the hassle mate, there’s nothing to look for right now. When the parity patch drops to catch us lowly console players up with PC, you will have your priest.


Is there a way: since all priests for Derketo are unavaliable (i saw that in gamepedia) you can have one only by admin command (singleplayer mode only). Is there a few named priests (i found only two in the list and one of them was impossible to tame) that you can spawn by admin command. If you’re playing online than save your breath: there’s no Derketo’s priests in the world but one: you can find her in the forest on the east side over a hill just near the ancient docks (that old city in the forest full of gorillas). You can find it following the river to east. But don’t hope to tame her because you can’t. Anyway, good luck in that.

I think the priest you are talking about is the trainer. Also no they are not in the game at all until the patch I believe

Yes, that’s right. The trainer is the one i’m talking about. Anyway, what’s up about this patch? Will it ever come?


I talked with the Leader of alpha clan of my server, he sad the gods is not work well…

He could do nothing because he didn’t see anything.

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