Is derketo good for raiding? where do priests spawn?

is the avatar itself good for raiding? the videos ive seen she doesnt really destroy anything.

as well as she also heals sometimes and damages other times? i dunno. can anyone explain?

and where does the priests spawn?

All gods are useless. Only “kinda viable” god is Set due to attack speed and good AoE, still sh*t dmg tho and fails against bases built up high.

AFAIK there are no Derketo priest spawns because FunCom.

They can be spawned by the admin on private servers tho.

Because, y’know…“finished product”. :\

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The only priests i have seen spawn are where you learn the religion in game…

The priest who teaches the religion isn’t the same as the ones you can put on your altar. I check that spot often for named fighters, and I’ve never once seen an regular priest there.

There is a priest III that spawns there…

no there isnt. the pagoda of endless pleasures dont have an archpriest spawning

I’m going to call shenanigans on this because like I said, I farm there a LOT. Seriously, almost every chance it’s spawned, and I’ve never once ever seen a priest there. I have multiple Mei’s, Waros, Alren’s, and I’ve even found a female archer there, named cook, named carpenter, etc…but I’ve never once ever seen a priest there.

Would you mind taking a screenshot?? Maybe I’m missing a spot.

Dont know how to post a screenshot from a ps4 onto here…

Move the screenshot onto a usb stick and use this for your PC.

I set the npc respawn timer to 1.5 seconds on single player so I can just see what will spawn. 100+ kills on every npc spawn point around the derketo teacher and I never saw a priest (but a lot of t4 except the dancer who stands next to the meat pile).

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