So we still can't get Derketo avatar in official servers?

We can get avatar of Derketo in private server thro admin panel or purge setting, but in official servers I guess we still don’t have chance to summon the goddess in the game.

This is embarassing

You can it just requires the purge to work which does happen on some of the servers and that you get lucky and obtain a priest from it. I have seen this avatar once on official but due to the rarity of this I’m not surprised you have not.

I really hope they add a spawn location for this priest or at least fix the purge not happening issue and up it’s spawn chance.

( Note only time I saw one in purge was in the swamp)

To be fair the whole Derketo religion is embarrassing. it’s very, very subpar. Transmutations are near ridiculous, tiers 2 if I remember correctly only brings a feast… The altar doesn’t even have the column of light as the others do!
It’s incomparable to Yog’s purified meat, Set’s antidote and easy sandstorm mask, Ymir’s cooling axe and ice to black ice transmutation… Can’t remember what Mithra offers, but the lowcost well is a nice thing. Ambrosia have a nice healing factor maybe ?

Anyway yeah, Derketo is clearly an unfinished religion that needs some love ( hurhur ).

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