Can we know the reason why Funcom is not doing anything with Derketo so far?

It’s been more than a month since they showed Official trailer with showing Derketo herself and released the Official Game.

And we all know there’s still no light stem that reaches sky on Derketo t3 alter, and no t3 alter mark for Derketo on the map, but let’s say these are just minor stuffs compared to ‘NO DERKETO AVATAR AVAILABLE IN OFFICIAL SERVER’

So, why didn’t they add Derketo priest in Lemurian NPC areas??

I am sure they are struggling to deal with coding problem? or something else?

And also there are other type of thralls that should be spawning in Lemurian(swamp) camp and Votaries(volcano) camp, but apparently they are not even spawning so we can’t even get them.

We only can get those Derketo priest and some specific thralls from Swamp and Volcano only in Admin Panel, which is only allowable in Single Player and Private Server(only for admins)
(And funny thing is there is no True name of Derketo in Admin Panel as well. You have to spawn Derketo priest, and wheel him/her and make 500 zeal with the t3 alter from Panel to get the True name of Derketo.)

And also, without the Admin Panel, there’s only one way to get Derketo priest tho, the named one which is from purge but apparently this is what rest of other religions got as well. So, it clearly shows Derketo religion is out of work right now. And, since the purge is totally broken in Official Server, there’s 0 chance for players to get Derketo priest and the Derketo avatar in the Official Server. And since all Official Server’s purge level set to 6, there will be almost no chance for humanoids (NPC) purging your base anyway.

I really hope they fix this issue with the Derketo religion. But I wouldn’t hope they will fix this as soon as possible.

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