Unable to Summon Derketo!

There is nothing to reproduce. You are unable to summon Derketo either as a player or as an Admin. While all her gear may exist in game, the final piece actually needed to summon her is not available. I’ve already verified this with several server Admins.

I posted this 7 days ago, and there has been no reply.

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Do you mean you’re unable to summon Derketo’s avatar? If so then you should know that Derketo religion does not have an avatar.

yes, Derketo has an avatar, and you can summon her.

It’s very hard for the moment to grab a priest, that’s the point. And there is no “true name of Derketo” in the admin-panel. So for the moment so you have to craft it the way it’s intended in game (in the T3 altar).

I upgraded my altar just before, crafted the true name and summoned her without issue.

sorry, not the best day-time and light to show her, but you can see her. :wink:

To summon an avatar, or put up a protection bubble, you need to find the arch priest of that religion. We’ve found Arch Priests for Yog and Set so far, but a google search seems to suggest that nobody is finding a Derketo Arch Priest, thus in the Live game without admin panel, you can’t summon. The launch video shows the Derketo avatar, yet its impossible to summon… ???

Also the damage of the avatars is pathetic. Like really really bad. Like only 7K damage and does not even break a single T3 part. Only Set is even worth using but still bad (according to other reports). Surely this cannot be intended?

Also the protection bubble appears to stay up forever (not sure yet but is certainly not going down after a few days like you can read its meant to). And there is no in game mechanic to keep it up by feeding more zeal, nor any timer indicating its lifetime etc. Seems very unfinished unless this is intended to stay up forever???

The bubbles seems bugged for nearly all altars. The bubbles shows up mostly much longer than the real protection is, if ever there is one, which isn’t the case each mal.

Derketo Priest has been found in purges, but is bit case by case, and the actual problems with the purges are not helping here.
People could grab some priest in purges waves around Gallagan’s Tomb. But there are still people lucky enough to be at the right place in the right moment. Of course i would also wish there was a place, a camp or whatever with the possiblity to found one. Also not all servers have purge enabled, so this may realy be a real problem then.

I attacked with her a Black-hand camp, and like you said, she’s slow, and the damage are realy low.

So i’m the first to wish some change, believe me !