A Derketo Archpriest just spawned as a regular spawn

Am I late to the party or was there an unlisted change in the update yesterday which now allows derketo archpriests to spawn near the Pagode at the top fire as seen on this screenshot?

Late to the party.


okay, can named derketo priests still spawn there?

yes it was added in the 500 ‘bug fix’ update thay just dident tell anyone

Yeah I have found 2 arch priests in that location, one male, one female. This was post 500 patch.

Not only arch priests but named ones also.

Edit - not sure what the difference is though.

Yes, I have kidnapped one from there :slight_smile: Ketmet the Whisperer.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

can you summon an avatar with a named priest?

I would say so but I don’t know.
I’m on pve so I’ve got no need really.

I now got 9 archpriests, but not a single namend priest spawned there, I don´t think they spawn there anymore.

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