ArchPriest of Derketo

I’ve tried for days and days to capture an Archpriest of Derketo on the Isle of Siptah. I’ve
used the E9 site and Shipo’s time and time again. Has any1 recently gotten one and where did you find him/her?

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Have you tried finding Derketo Priests or Priestesses from a surge?

East Surge

believe me a T4 derketo priest is much rarer than an archiepriest.

I can only say that you only looked for a few days.

and if you ask me which priest is more rarest I tell you

the t4 jhabalsag damage.
and the damage Ymir priest

I had the chance to see all the others on an official server.

(but yeah the spawn rate is very bad .
@ZahMaiatt hello I saw one of your comments saying that you were going to report this problem.

Do you have any new things to announce?)

(I once found the zatch damage priest. The golem of a player killed him :sob:)

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