[PS4 - Thralls of Derketo] Where i can find the specific thralls to worship Derketo in the map?

Hello. I wonder where are the thralls that can worship this goddess (preferably women)? Please, if you know, send the correct coordinates or even send a print of a marked map. Just remembering: I’m not referring to the priestess who teaches this religion; I already know that.

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Nowhere. Nor male or female. They aren’t implemented on game yet.

Supposed to be same place as where you learn it but never found it. Some say they come on Monkey purges if you live in the jungle but as most everyone I know in the jungle the purge never worked there, Misopogon’s answer must be the right one.

it’s a shame isn’t it? They introduced Derketo in official trailer. But you can’t actually get her except playing in private server with admin panel or setting purge. You won’t get her in official servers which is a huge shame.

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It’s sad, but that does not stop Funcom from updating the game with these specific thralls in the near future. I’m going to post on Support about it. It does not even make sense to make use of a complicated method in the purges if the other gods have servants in different places of the game. Equality for all deities already! Lol. By the way, are there any servants of Set women? I only met men. Oh, and thanks for participating you all.

I believe I read somewhere the if your base is near the Derketo religion person you can get a purge that has a Derketo priest in it. You would have to make a base on ground level (so no building on all those lovely plateaus). Haven’t tested if this is the case, but I read it on the internet so it must be right :wink:

Sorry, but I’ve been playing on a server since its release and I only faced a purge that attacked an abandoned house of mine and was not even there to defend it. And frankly I’m not in a hurry to see new purges, as I’m quite busy building a new, great base with calm. I hope Funcom updates the game about it. There is no plausible reason why Derketo’s thralls receive a “different treatment” from the other gods.

Yes. You can take it easely at Seppemeru. There is a temple of set where usually spawns a Set priest talking with a guard, sometimes male, sometimes female. There is a spawn at black galleon too, but it’s random with other religions.

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Ok, thank you. But where is Seppemeru? I do not know many game sites by name. Lol.

West of the Forbidden City.


Seppemeru is a neutral city that u can find at west border of the map in the desert zone. Priest location is marked on the capture:


I reccomend You the use of this map: https://www.conanexilesmap.com/#4/-2562.00/721.00

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I feel like everything related to the jungle is somehow EA. It introduced a new faction called lemurians that only have 1 camp in the whole map, There is trees buried on the ground near south jungle obelisk. The biome itself when you walk a bit looks like it had spots for putting camps, bosses and things but its all empty. Resources are lacking and when you find it is overwhelming like careless putting it just to supply the need. And of course the giant city that only have the black lotus and a dungeon entrance seems to be waste of a marvelous area =).

Thx for your help.

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To be frank, I’ve just visited such a lost city full of gorillas, the place where we can learn the religion of Derketo and the coast to farm the orange lizards. I did not explore everything in depth. But I suppose Funcom will make the biome more complex and interesting in the future. And Derketo will thank them when she - finally - have her cute servants.

While the jungle is indeed a bit on the empty side, there also are multiple locations needed to “beat” the game to be found there :wink:

On the subject of Derketo : it clearly is an unfinished religion. I fear Funcom isn’t aware of this, but not only is it near impossible to get a priest, it also doesn’t have the column of light above the altar at tier 3, and the bonuses are vastly underwhelming. The transmutations are near useless by transmuting annoying-to-get ressources in easy-to-get ressources, the costume is purely cosmetic AFAIK, there is only a feast on last tier…
Meanwhile, every other religion got at least one very useful and desirable item at some point : set’s antidote and sandstorm mask, Yog’s purified flesh, Ymir’s cooling axe…
Ah well.

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