Battlepass , bazaar request

could you add more stormglass statues or such things mixed with derketo building pieces or even a themed expansion for derketo also a cool idea is maybe add a new map besides siptah with more religions me and some buddys on my server were discussing more religions and avatars like even a Satan religion with a cool black dragon as the avatar or even zeus but a map like siptah but bigger and more biomes would be cool. also why not add boats we can use and cannons or somthing on them just a thought

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Derketo seems to incorporate cat imagery in their aesthetic design. Maybe come “cat armor” or maybe even kitten pillows or cat statues?



i was thinking more emotes and slutty outfits but yea honestly a bunch of stuff would be cool. cat statues and maybe even a battlepass idea - a pet cat with black fur long fur etc

maybe even cat statues that give off light

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I really want the cat statues!! My buddy telling me that afask you can’t get them broke my heart.


Stormglass throne and or a fishtank sounds cool to when you place in game fish you fish up out of the water it shows them in the tank

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more flirt emotes would be cool and also bringing more eyeliner or full lipstick and or glossy lipstick to the games charcter customisation menu through the battlepass or bazaar store would be neat including some new hairs would be neat

Here’s hoping the next age is Age of Gods so we can get this and more!

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I’d prefer something more like the Age of Abolition. Its way past time we had an alternative to the slavery mechanic in the game.

Purges and AI pathing need more attention, too.

I’m not opposed to an Age of Gods down the road, but I would rather see some other fixes and upgrades to the game first.

I get what you mean, but the AI fixes wouldn’t necessarily mean it would have to wait until an Age of Abolition happens. We are getting the journey system rework in the Sorcery age and have already gotten a building system rework without a Construction Age.


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