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Hello once again, its been great being here apart of the community and I have another suggestion I would like to bring up. More decor for the game. So i’m one of those players where a base just isn’t cool… but a central city hub from any mmorpg is the most amazing thing to mimic. So i crafted a minature capital city as my base and I thought to myself while decorating the tavern. You know what would be cool if i could put shelves on the wall behind the the bar and on those shelves i could have colored glass bottles with candles in them.

These glass bottles can be crafted with glass (giving a item with not many uses additional uses) and adding a candle with it. I always thought of them as very pretty and it would be nice if i could use such things in the game. A dart board to throw darts would be really fun too, i thought the chess board game was an amazing idea and would like more things like that added as well.

I would also like to add that stools are a bit to small for the bars :/, perhaps we can make them a bit taller?

What do you guys think, what would you like see added as decor in the game?

TLDR: Glass candle bottles for decor so i can use them in bars as well as more tavern games like chess or even cards!

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Hey there , if you buy the debaucheries of derketo DLC , you will have some nice placeables for a tavern ( maybe not colored bottles i agree it would be cool , but at least wine looking one :wink: ) you can have a look at what they look like in the "kitchens winery " section of my share your shalter post :Share your Shelter

also if you play on a private server or in solo , you can install mods that can adds a lot of decorations :wink:

while I agree we could have more placeables for officials without a doubt , taverns have them pretty much covered with the debaucheries of derketo ( except having food filled plates/pots and forks and knifes ) , and I would better have more decorative plants ( cause planters take a lot of server calculation and client render issues compared to the decorative ones but they are only greystone looking :frowning: ) and armor stands / tannery and furnace theme decorations .

but I’m never against more ways for us to decorate :wink:

I actually bought all the dlc in the game, i just thought it would be great to have more :slight_smile:

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