Missing some decorations

Have Been fun with a artisan bench to the two last patches. More decoration.maybe a swiming pool for deciration

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A good few people seem to be starting to clamour for new decorations, and I agree. I just mentioned it myself in the suggestion list the other day. Heres what was mentioned:

6. More Decorations/Furnishings:
This one has also come up quite often on the forums. Especially after the last two DLCs. I have even seen a number of decorations at enemy camps, which Im sure players would love to learn recipes for and have at their own bases! For example, impaled/crucified skeletons found in the deep desert where the player starts, skull tree decorations at dafari camps, butchers meat racks at black hand camps, straw practice dummies in highlands camps, blacksmiths anvils. There are dozens of background furnishings which Im sure many players would love to have access to, but current can not. A step further…!? Imp, serpentman, were-hyena and frost giant head trophies please.

Yeah, I am with you there. The explanation that the Picts don’t decorate their homes was… let’s be generous and say just barely adequate. But there’s no excuse for the Yamatai one (didn’t buy it anyway though).

How about some more reigious tapestries, banners or insignias? Sculpted statues or monumements of luscious women, ripped men and fearsome creatures. Or how about extra taxidermy, with stuffed deers, snakes, vultures, hyenas, big cats, etc. Or even some stone or iron statues of them. But please make statues small enough to fit in the average house, eg-one or two wall pieces high at the most. Those Aquilonian ones were huge! Goblets or jars made out of gold or silver? And of course Armour display manequins/racks. Yeah I know I already mentioned that…but so many of us want these.

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