Decorative bodies and skeletons, and other morbid stuff

Hello would love if we have decorative bodies, skeletons, includinding sitting in chairs and in varios dead poses, as other stuff like, blood pools on the ground working like floor paintings. I made a catacomb and dont have appropriate stuff to place in

an skeleton of a mage that died trying to learn forbidden rituas sitting on his chair:

or mummys and Draugrs to rest in the catacombs

also foundation encrusted with skulls would be cool too:

And please that care of the hitbox/colision area around the new placeables because most of them are coming out wraped in simple cube like cursed tree, that has a 4x4x4 cubic hit box on it and fits nowhere.


Happy new year Edu!
Awesome build m8, building catacombs is a goal i still didn’t do. I bought Arena dlc just for this reason years ago.
I know that a mod exists with coffins, i have seen it in a @Wak4863 presentation video about a year ago.
I do understand the decor you want to create, or else i would suggest you to place human limbs on weapon racks.
However o believe that taxidermy bat would fit down there fantastic.
Please Edu, fix a catacomb design and upload it, it’s obvious you “got it”. It would be a great inspiration for us, thank you.

Edit, and the forgotten library would be awesome down there


More decorative items in general would be nice. Would like to see decorative weapons that can be placed on a bench or leaning against a wall. A bit more life to our camps.

Decorative lotus too. Would love to place these around but the boxes are ugly. Some that can be placed like the rose and lavender would be perfect.


YES PLEASE!! @EduMariano I like it, I like it a LOT! :smiling_imp: :metal:

EduMariano I agree with and support your splendidly delightful suggestion. I have long be one of the most vocal proponents of adding additional gore and brutality to the game here on the forum, along with some other likeminded souls such as @Necro and @The_Cannibal. I have long argued that the cosmetics added to the game have been feeling a little too ‘civilized’ and ‘luxurious’ to me. Bowls of flowers, fancy carpets, paintings, beautiful bathes, bah! And for the record, that is absolutely fine for players who gravitate towards that style of decoration. We should all have the agency to decorate our homes in the manner we see fit. But what about those of us who do not wish to play the kind master or the opulent barbarian, but the dark, brutal tyranical despot!? Can we not also have placeable torture devices, severed heads on spikes, feast bowls full of fingers or ears, archways made from blackened bones, fountains or bathtubs filled with blood, thralls manacled to walls or floors? :smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood: Oh the possibilities are delectable!

But even if I dial the spectrum back a bit, why can we not have other things which many of us have requested over and over like the butchers meat rack we see in camps, or some additional types of fur/hide rugs. Seriously, we are playing a game where we are supposed to be barbarians; we have just 1 fur rug, and some ~12+ carpets and ‘civilized’ rugs (count pending).


I had to improvise some dark deco combining turam, the new khitan and bp stuff, and hyrkarian, but except by the hyrkarian standats, everything is ralated to necromancy or sorcery.


Your catacombs look amazing! Also just a really cool and smart build idea. In the last picture, did you place the tree on the foundations to the right so that you could see the roots? Do those skulls come with that tree? I know the ones further up the tree do, or did you place those all individually like in your other amazingly cool pics?

@Croms_Faithful Really hoping for that butchers meat rack from New Asgarth! All of the ideas sound amazing!

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This tree is pain in the a…ss to place down, it has a cubic colision hitbox of 4x4x4 foundations. I had to clear the entire are around, the initial intention was to put it on the ground level but the roots also colide with the sloped ground, it requires to be but in a perfect plain ground, so i raised up the foundations and made a plain ground with ceilings, so luckly it worked, after i started removing the ceilings levaling only foundations, to sustain the tree, it was try and error, many times, till it get half in foundations and half suspended in root. The skull were placed individually to fill the empty space betteen the root. I was inspire by the “sleepy hollow” movie. Despite being hard to place, this tree is very cool, there crows that make sounds and bone chimes, and tree tree also has skull encrusted on its body. It is obtainable by reching lvl 60 in the current battle pass.



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Personally I think you have done an outstanding job. I thoroughly enjoy your building works. It was a tremendous shame about your village on the official server.

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thansk man, this one is way way smaller 20x20 single block, thinks it will be ok for a while

Hey thanks @Coyote0903! And yeah me also, it would really add to the atmosphere. I’m a metalhead so I usually gravitate towards the more deco. There are so many good assets used in the backgrounds, which I have been asking for Funcom to add as placeables for some time now. Another good example is the impaled and arrow riddled corpses found in the Deep Desert starting area.

Another couple again would be the training dummy that many of the Nordheimers have in their camps (not super brutal but still cool),

some placeable headstones, and also a placeable version of that death marker/grave that appears when we die.

Can’t wait to unlock that tree. Now that placeable has style!

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YES! I am all for this as my admin clan on my server has some dark roots and being able to make a convincing dungeon in the hidden basement level of my castle would be top shelf.


Can’t believe I didn’t see this, these would be amazing additions! I agree there are so many assets they’ve already created that they could add, the design team really does an amazing job on tiny details. I know many aren’t a fan of the bazaar, but I would definitely buy some kind of “dark” themed pack as others have mentioned in other posts, prefer it to be free haha