I'd like to be a necromancer

I miss the witch doctor skill. I like the shallow grave but the zombies created are only temporary. I wish we had an option to create permanent skeletons. My RP is a dark necromancer who doesn’t trust living servants. I would prefer undead rather than golems.

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Oh my my my, another with some culture. :smiling_imp:

I usually play some kind of Death Knight Necromancer dwelling in my sepulcher crypt castle in the Crevice. At least with the battle passes and some Bazaar things it has become quite allot easier achieving the necromantic arts aesthetically speaking.
I also mainly play Singleplayer and luckily have a couple of skeletons, whites, Legion soldiers and skeleton priests(?) left from before “the purge”.

But to the point of the post, YES! YES PLESE!!!
I feel they could even make it a sorcery thing like the zombies but more permanent like it was and not on a timer. But yes I need to raise an army of skeletons!!!

As a side note, I would also really like the sorcerous ability to make it look like I am corrupted but with zero corruption. Like the way we can hide corruption just the opposite.

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I would also settle for flesh golems I suppose made up of the stitched up bodies of other exiles with bloodcrysals jutting out of their bodies.

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