Suggestion: Let us craft skeletons in the shallow grave

At the launch of age of sorcery, the witchdoctor feat that allowed us to craft all manner of skeletons was removed in favor of the new zombie crafting mechanic. I suggest adding more functionality to the shallow grave by allowing us to use the witchdoctor recipes in it as well. It would just be nice to have access to these undead minions once again.


I feel like this is a more aesthetic thing than anything. Those pets weren’t exactly great. The Legion Warrior isn’t half bad. But its hard to beat those Zombies when it comes to stuff that isn’t a thrall.

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Yeah, I’m mainly asking to bring this back because of aesthetics. We have a bunch of useless thralls out in the wild, I just want some cool useless ones brought back :slight_smile:


I won’t say no to skeletons being reskinned zombies for variety.


I aswell. I find it strange when it is suggested that a feature not be implemented simply because there isn’t a direct necessity for it. Not everyone is in PVP.

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Yeah, like should we just get rid of tier 1-3 thralls as well since they’re not optimal? Just replace all the starting zones with Cimmerian berserkers?

There’s a place for both optimization and useless fun in this game.

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