Shallow grave ideas

Hey can we get the shallow grave to give out the other undead models that the witch doctor had?
1 skull
20 bones
sacrificial blood
Skeleton warrior
1 skull
50 bones
basic set of armor and weapon you want them to have
sacrificial blood
100 witch powder
5 soul essence
Weapon you want them to have
Legion Warrior
100 Witch powder
100 bones
5 soul essence
1 sacrificial blood
Elite armor you want them to have
weapon of choice

These shouldn’t change in initial stats from the original design and only last the 2 days like the zombies but they can fast level (vs the hard they originally had)

Also undead consuming power fragments should reset their decay timers.


Funcom, yes, please!!

Good idea Erjoh :slight_smile:

Well it was a mistake of FC to delete the witchdoctor trait, I did really like the silent legion pets:(

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I mainly want thralls that look like wights. Thats the thing I want from witch doctor. I dont care if they are actual undead (although it would be cool.) its enough they look like one.

Yep I second that motion. More things to do with graves! Let’s also include undead pets!

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