Add new undead models to necromancer feat

Hey Funcom, I know necromancy pets aren’t as strong as human thralls or some pets, but a lot of pvers and rpers like the aspect of controlling an undead army. It would be awesome to have a crew of undead pirates or styigians.


I’d like new Undead, and a new feat to summon Eldritch Horror from Siptah.

As for undead being underpowered, I suggested awhile back, they should keep them as is, but make them Immortal. If they die, they respawn at their place of death or guarding if there’s no player nearby after 3 minutes or so.


this would be really cool, but I think to make it a bit more balanced, a new crafting station of some kind that just “creates” a undead, when one dies, would be better. This way the player has to go back to the station and place the thrall again, it wont just “be there” ready to have follow you, its levels would reset and it would have to be re-placed down

I mean that would just nerf them further, they already are pretty bad and mediocre. The fact they come back after they die, makes them at least disposable guards. Which is basically what undead are.

That’s a big hole +1 for me. Make undead a little more viable and add the new models! Even if it’s a different necromancy feat.

Also a +1 for summoning horrors. Good ideas!

Yes pets and undead need to get some love, to make then in level whit human thralls. And yes the crafter thralls need some love to.

Also maybe non-player owned skeletons could also be dressed at least a bit. They should have some armor pieces on themselvess, at least those on the shipwrecks for example. I believe that those guys didn’t die naked, am i right? :upside_down_face:
This would also make them cool i guess

The higher tier ones should have special attacks that aplies specter coating, that’s my only wish.

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