Why did Mysteries of Acheron turn into Debaucheries of Derketo?

Title. Saw nothing about it anywhere else and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Don’t really want to buy the season pass when all these fishy things happen around it from Riddle of Steel to this.

Scootilydootin sells.

^^ That.

And threads like this one. People get real excited over more dongs and jugs in their violent survival game. More so than Acheronian lore, I guess.

Fair enough, I suppose if I don’t like it I don’t have to buy it, but even then - it doesn’t explain why the devs suddenly changed it like that. I would’ve thought there might be some official word somewhere or an explanation.

That is all we got.
(using search isn’t that hard btw…)

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Hey @cruor

Welcome to our community.
As others pointed out, we’ve renamed that particular piece of DLC to better reflect its contents.
Please keep in mind that all the DLC names are not final and could be subject to further renaming, although the contents are mostly unaffected. Speaking of that, we’ll announce the contents of each package when their release date is approaching. For the next one, we’ll focus one of our next devstreams to highlight its contents, as it’s coming soon in September.
Hope that cleared it out :slight_smile:


Will there be a devstream tomorrow in that regard?

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Since I’ve been doing a bit of light reading on the subject, Acheronians were ancient Lemurians. Lemurians I believe, eventually became what see them today with worshiping Derketo (Set’s Lover). So maybe there is a connection in there somewhere?

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No, tomorrow’s stream will not focus on the upcoming DLC yet.

But there will be a Conan Exiles one? Seems I missed the announcement then.

It’s probably not going to be about Conan Exiles. We’ll announce it shortly (we usually announce devstreams 24h before they air).

Stuff like this is why I don’t buy Season passes. They’re always like mystery boxes, you never know what’s inside until you open it. I pick and choose the DLCs I want, those that fit into my idea of what the world of Conan should look and feel like. I may end up paying more for less, but at least I get to make informed decisions on what I’m buying.

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This is plenty of info, thanks for clearing that up.

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I’m normally of the same train of thought but I had 2 dlcs already that I really enjoyed and I really wanted Turan. I decided to buy the season pass for 2 reasons. I’ve spent 1800 hours of my time playing this game and it was on sale for a good price.

I’m 100% convinced I will enjoy the next 3 dlcs because the other ones I purchased are still very enjoyable for me.

Still missing a few dlcs but eventually I’d like them all. Gotta start participating in building contests ha.


I bought the Season pass so I had all the themed build pieces and weapons so that I could use all of it on my server. Most of the players on the server have all the DLC, but some don’t and keep trying to bribe build pieces off the ones that do (Turanian and Pict/Frontier especially) - they make for awesome builds.

None of the DLCs are compulsory buys and have nothing that affect core game functions so you can play without any DLC. Your call. I personally think that if you can afford, then get them all. If you don’t think you will play for more than a few hundred hours then it depends on your pocket.

I’m heading to nearly 3.500 hours gameplay so suspect I am now classed as ‘addicted’ and therefore have to have EVERYTHING! NOW!! :smiley:


wow thats some serious hardcore play time. I dont imagine myself playing that much in this game. I got over 10k in world of Warcraft, but when i was younger and crazy.

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