So, somone who who know conan lore

any idea what to expect from those upcoming dlcs?
Riders of Hyboria
Blood and Sand
Mysteries of Acheron

That blood and sand one sounds interesting.

  • Hyboria
  • Acheron
  • Savage Sword of Conan The Barbarian (The) (1974) - 153. Blood on the Sand takes place on the Hyrkanian steppes, on the road to Turan, so maybe Hyrkanian? (Hyrkania)
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Up coming dlc where did you hear about them?

its at steam year 2 pack

Likely one per quarter this year

wonder if acheron comes in purple theme xD


Read my post about the new DLCs and see the wiki pages for more info: Treasures of Turan Pack, Year 2 Season Pass (and a patch for a UI fix) now available!

I doubt the “Riders fo Hyboria” will include actual mounts, based on what Funcom has said about riding before. But they might include actual knightly armor in the style of Poitain or Nemedia. The game already contains armor in the styles of other nations famous for their cavalry, ie. the Turanians and Hyrkanians.

Blood and Sand is obviously new Tier1 construction styles. We get to build sandcastles from blood-moistened sand that can be gathered by killing enemies in the desert.

Mysteries of Acheron are… mysteries. As TheLOLxd2 linked, there’s very little information regarding that ancient empire in original Conan lore.

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My thoughts:

  • Riders of Hyboria: Assuming they continue the culture theme, the most obvious guess to me would be Hyrkanian. Since, y’know, their whole shtick is “riding horses and shooting bows and generally being a pastiche of real-world nomadic steppe tribes”. (It also occurred to me that the “Hyboria” might mean it’s actually for one of the Hyborian races, though that may just be me overthinking things.)

  • Blood and Sand: My very first thought was of that Spartacus show I never watched, but somehow I doubt we’re getting a Roman gladiator DLC. My second thought was of human sacrifices occurring in the desert, which makes me think of Stygia.

  • Mysteries of Acheron: I got no idea. Completely stumped here. (Nah just kidding it’s clearly Acheron themed.)

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Hyrkanians are not of Hyborian ancestry; they’re descendants of Lemurians. The Hyborian nations are Aquilonia, Nemedia, Brythunia, Hyperborea, Ophir, Koth, Argos, Corinthia and the Border Kingdoms. (The Hyborian Age, by Robert E. Howard)


Yes, I know…that’s why I mentioned the Hyborian races in my post as another possibility.

Hyboria doesn’t just refer to the Hyborian races though, and it’s fairly commonly used to refer to the entire setting. Plus, we’ve already gotten a Hyborian-themed DLC with the Aquilonian stuff. Which is why I leaned towards Hyrkanian.

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By using my incredible psychic powers and superhuman levels of information gathering and data analysis skills, I have determined that the Blood and Sand DLC has something to do with sand. And possibly blood, but I can’t say for certain. :thinking:


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