Treasures of Turan Pack, Year 2 Season Pass (and a patch for a UI fix) now available!

Treasures of Turan Pack (DLC)

A Turan-inspired DLC pack - Now available on PC and PS4!

Yes, it includes both placeables and pet skins. Xbox One will follow soon (in a few days)

Get a hold of it here:

Year 2 Season Pass
If you purchase this bundle, you will get all Year 2 DLCs!

Their titles have already been given away, but what will they be like? :smirk:

PC Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix [3726835]

Official Conan Exiles Wiki - Input needed

You are able to check back on these items on the wiki as well:

Please let me know if you are missing anything.


Yup i bought the Conan Exiles - Year 2 Season Pass xD
and 3 more dlc comming :smiley:


I bought it. I am excited.

However…What gives FC?

0 Accuracy armor for cold resist? Another Strength set for cold? Why?

I am excited, but still.


If it’s for heavy I’m all for it, if medium it’s pointless unless heat resistant.


Anyone who bought the DLC know the weather resistance and stats for the new armor sets?

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Light = Survival
Medium = Strength
Heavy = Agility


I cant seem to buy it, it says requires ownership of “conan exiles”. I bought the game myself on my console. Can you help?

Makes me tempted to start a new character and get the dlc.

What about Hyrkanian raider?
Its heavy precision armor with cold protection.

could you write them here please, i alredy loocked at them but it could be good have them listed here

also i wanted post it here, but i see you were faster xD

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You should buy it through the PlayStation Store once it shows up (I’ll add it to the post)

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Oooo I cant wait to play this. I love the look of some of the new building pieces, they just ooze decadence, and…placeables! Wait can I buy two…!?

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I’ve added links to the wiki pages :wink:



two what!?

I added a note about something in the thread.

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Ack. Archers need mobility. Hykanian is lacking that much. Also we need arrows. Many. The heavy Hyrkanian just cripples us.

We need the cartwheel for daggers if we wear that stuff.

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Two Turan dlc packs. Dont worry TheLOLxd2, I was only being facetious as an expression of my excitment and interest. I dont actually want to buy two, it was just overblown enthusiasm.

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aaanndd its broken


Please explain (or just post a thread on the bug subforums)…?


I bought the season 2 pass and it still says i have to buy the treasure ot turan pack what gives?


Could you try playing the game and looking if you can get any of the feats to show up?

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