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So, I have been trying to guess what the new DLCs will end up being. Looking at what we already have, I have been trying to eliminate what is similar.

The Imperial East is Khitan, which is basically China.

Jewel of the West is Aquilonian, which is supposed to be a cross between the Roman and Carolingian Empires. But to me, it almost looks more Greek than anything.

the Savage Frontier is the Pictish Wilderness, which is supposed to be Pre-Columbian American. Some of the features in this set look like they are more of the “classic” plains Indians, while other features are more Central American to me.

Seeks of the Dawn is Yamatai, which is Japan.

Treasures of Turan is Turanian, which is supposed to be Persia. But I also think it looks a little like India to me.

I think the Riders of Hyboria could be Hyrkonia, which is the Eurasian Steppe. Which would give credence to the “Riders” part. I think Hyrkonia was Subotai’s people.

Debaucheries of Derketo. Derketo, in the game, is the religion of the Shem and Stygia. Stygia is Egypt and Shem is Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, and Arabia

Then we have the cancelled Mysteries of Acheron. Acheron is based on the fallen Kingdom of the Roman Empire. I wonder if this one was cancelled because it would be too close to the Aquilonian set.

Last one is Blood and Sand, which will be released next. Honestly, I have no idea what this one will be. Blood and Sand is the title for one of the Spartacus TV series on Starz. I don’t think they would have a DLC based on gladiators. So, I don’t really know what this one will be. Any ideas?

See also closed thread:

I put some links in there myself, but I still wouldn’t know.

Hey @Adam006

The new Blood & Sand DLC will be about some sand and no lesser amounts of blood. To know about which kind of sand and/or blood will be included, please tune in our devstreams or social media channels where we’ll announce all things sandy and bloody.


In the meantime, an epicurious Barnesh hastried out his Google, and found a reccippe for Blood and Sand. And it’s bloody good. hic

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