Aquilonian DLC out this August!

Looks pretty cook to me!

And after Funcoms amazing event of yesterday, we may get the 500 fixes patch before August…and a sweet free dlc code for those of us that helped in call to arms beta test event, hehe.

Was pretty fun to meet some forum dwellers! also the presence of Fc Tyros was great :stuck_out_tongue:


“9 new weapons in one Aquilonian weapon set: Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon.”

I am already sold :smiley:

Looks fantastic.

It would be really interesting to see if FUNCOM have learned anything from “East empire DLC” pack launch.

  1. Double check the stats on every building piece as well as gear piece.
  2. Double check material costs of everything.
  3. Make sure to put improved armor and weapon recipes in the corresponding thrall recipe tables and MAKE SURE those thralls are spawning.

See you in August :sunglasses:


I am not happy with khitai weapons balance, cause I cant use iron at lvl 60, and still haven’t got into star metal. Latest patch changed balance of khitai to star metal, which afaik is still unbalanced, as more costly than other tiers and not as good.

So again, I am not very happy about the balance, its fine they are cosmetic items, but I would have used them much more if they equalled to reinforced steel (lower than star metal) or obsidian / dragon bone etc.

Honestly im only enjoying the building and decorations part on khitai dlc.

PS: Also, what Tim said above, regarding the stats, material costs, and improved recipes / thralls to make improved versions, as I would like to use DLC weapons for something else than placing them in the weapon racks xD

Someone posted those numbers in another thread, those are promising.
Starmetal and khitan being slightly (but really just slightly) below obsidian and dragon bone.
Of course I am speaking of flawless versions. :wink:

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I remember an other game that kept adding content without fixing bugs. SWG. And it’s pretty easy to figure out what happened to them. Fix the game first, then add content. When your fixes cause more problems than they solve, you have an issue that needs immediate attention.

New content is great, but not if the original content still is not working properly.


I must first experience the changes on the Khitan DLC, before being excited about the Aquilonian DLC.

But I must confess… The Aquilonian stuff looks a thousand times better than the Khitan stuff does :stuck_out_tongue:

But taste is subjective of course. I might be biased by being European.


What… you mean a game like Ark?

number 7 on the steam top 10 list right now… and still buggy as always :slight_smile:

I quit Ark for Conan, and still happy to stand by my decision.

No idea about Ark, never played, and I don’t care to, nor do I care to discuss it or i would be on the Ark forums. hint hint.

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