Very happy with the game, didn't get the DLC, but see no problem with it either

Sure, some things within the game I believe need work. That said it was made with a small core team, and is less than a year officially released, so I’ve come in expecting there to be some work to be done. And I am glad there is, as it gives the game time to make any needed changes for longevity if needed, that might not be possible later on, based on how people outside an EA are actually playing it.

Nope, didn’t get the DLC, no interest to get the DLC. Maybe later down the road, but just not interested in the Khitan aesthetic. If it were a south of Stygia pack, or an Aquilonia Thunder River frontier in the Pict wildlands DLC, I’d have easily paid as much as I did for the base game for that. But that is just me. That said, I don’t see anything wrong with the DLC game wise, from the stats or mechanics view. Looking at the stats, the release notes, and talking to players actually using it on the servers where I do my PvP as we have skirmishes, I’m finding some reactions to it on the forum rather hyperbolic. I can say though I appreciate the work Funcom put into the DLC, and say that it definitely looks to be quality (high quality on the art and fitting the setting side), good job to them.

Also, no, not seeing any evidence that Conan Exiles is dying.

I guess my only real suggestion at this point is to just be weary of highly vocal opinions, and how they can skew what is actually the player base reaction, or reception of things.


You remind me of myself a few days ago :slight_smile:

God forbid Funcom ever disappoints you, cuz you’ll explode brighter than I ever will.


Have played AoC on and off since 08. So, in that time, I think I’ve grown past being disappointed to a level of any real negative emotional reaction to choices Funcom makes.

About the only things with Funcom (specifically) that have ever really ruffled my jimmies is when I felt they were going away from the purest Robert E. Howard vision of Conan to what the 82 movie (More Kull than Conan at times), or later Dark Horse comics (as the case is with Khitan) have done to influence perceptions of the Hyborian Age setting. But then, unless people are reading Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, and aren’t demanding that as the product, I’ve also come to accept that.

I fully agree.

No need for asian cosmetics, would consider southern ones, tho none of it is important. The story is.

So what if some armor is not suited for a lvl 60, if my characer is khitan/kambujan/himalayan i’ll wear it anyway and as long as i’m still kush i’ll wear a stygian/darfari mix regardless.

Keep the world in the sword and sorcery genre and i’ll keep playing and occationally buy dlc.

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Game is legit. Even with some bugs, I’m still surviving.

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I got the DLC in case I wanted to restart and make an Asian character, and more décor options.
I did make an Epic version of the Khati heavy armour, for my Nordhiemer gal, because it had encumbrance making a good raiding armour (that is going in getting thralls, loot dead npc’s/chests of mats. ) for the North with cold resistance and made it with reduced weight. The normal Epic version of said armour is 74% damage resistance, and +5 to Enc. Considering that a Flawless Vanahiem heavy armour is 76% and +9 to grit. that is not to bad of a difference. Keeping in mind 78% seems to be max, which what Silent Legion armour gives (I did try to Heavy plate SL Armour, and it still remains at 78%, unless it changed of late.) So, I would be guessing that people are complaining over 2%-4% and +4 Enc. boils down to it. Mind you I would like that extra +4 Enc. but I not going to rage over it either.

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I really need to refer you to my uncles car dealership… He’d have a field day with you.

God knows Funcom is…

His VO is too annoying to continue listening to because the way the pitches it. Even my cat is looking annoyed after I started it.

If Funcom deceived the paying consumer because of one or two non-paying consumer complaints. I venture to guess that we will not see anything worthy of purchasing.


Bikinis DLC are a safe bet.

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