I'm so very happy.. Bravo Funcom!

I’ve been playing Funcom games for a while and have witnessed and experienced the good and the bad. In particular I enjoyed TSW and AOC , whilst also experiencing the pain of both titles. Whilst the crowd went one way I always found myself going the other, particularly with TSW. In my view that was a master craft of story telling par excellence.

I’ve always recognized that this studio has something others don’t just from playing the games. Yet its so often fallen short, its not gratifying to have seen.

I’ve seen the rise of Joe Bylos which did raise an eyebrow, but now we are were we are.

Funcom… so much talent, so much going for it… Poor result after poor result. I was scratching my head at times too when TSW went south. Loved that game but said at the time, wtf?, no PvP…

Enter Conan Exiles… I didn’t pre buy in EA, was really skeptical but now I’m in and I have to say I’m currently enjoying the game so much.

Sure I lost a few things the other day through a bug no doubt, wasn’t happy, but this game is what I’ve been waiting for for so long.

I’m loving it. Don’t be fooled though, I can and perhaps will become a very strong critic but right now, tip of the hats the the devs, I love it.


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I have my gripes, but all in all, I love this game. I think it rocks.

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I love this game as well…BUT there is so much S**T going on right now… so much missing content… unfinished mechanics, AI, ballance… and controversial after-release decisions with servers, exploration system, DLCs… I loved the idea of this game a lot in EA with vision of potential and what could come in future!!! Now it is 45% LOVE and 55% HATE…

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