Can't create a new post [ Mod-split topic ]

How do you make a post? I’ve been trying to ask a question all day

Click on General Discussion at the top oif this thread so you can see the list of threads. At the top right you will see a box named “New Topic”, and there ya go! :slight_smile:

@Gideon — What Nymphonic said, but I’m confused because you’ve already made 3 of your own posts according to your activity log.

Yes, I posted about Xbox bugs in the Xbox bugs board. I can’t ask a question on this board for some reason, the post button doesn’t do anything once I press it to post a question.

Are you here on your XBox or using a phone/computer?

[ I split this conversation into it’s own topic on the Support thread ]

I tried to make my post about the daggers and unarmed NPCs multiple times before it worked. I couldn’t post in general at all… when I clicked “add topic” or “new topic” after filling in all of the text the button changed color but nothing happened. I did finally post successfully in PS4 support, and earlier I posted successfully in dedicated server. I can also reply to existing topics. I have only ever posted from my phone.


Also, it successfully “saved my draft” but this really only made me angry since no amount of clicking “add topic” would publish it and I was still left over angry from the level one dancer gank fest.

Sorry to keep replying, but I really think there are probably a lot of frustrated people that are having problems and unable to post that won’t think to try multiple forums. Since I could reply, maybe a “post here if you can’t start a topic” thread is in order?

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For anyone else that can’t post a new topic feel free to add a ‘me too’ or ‘same’ here.

I’m using iPhone, safari browser and Adblock browser. It didn’t work with either lol

Yes, I’m having the same problem.

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