FUNCOM! You beauty!

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for all the love and effort you put into everything Conan Exiles!

The list of things I am enjoying to the absolute MAX is quite extensive and I can feel and see and hear the great attention to detail you guys and gals put in. Its insane!!!

Yes yes yes…there are some things that freak out and some old returns of freak outs but in general I am so happy with how things are going.

Truly and honestly starting at tea lady up to the top brass and all the other departments in between from the bottom of my black heart…

The list:

I love the new Rocknose models and the myriad variants!
The new lighting looks gorgeous!
Climbing looks allot cooler, and I love it!
Isle of Dusk is Mordor, and I love love LOVE that. (The lighting looks so Fking good!)
The models on the new Vault armors are great and Aspect of the Demon is my new face.
The vault weapons are great and, even though reskins, are so cool looking!
I love the ambient sounds! WTF are those whispers in the dark… :black_heart:
Loot in camps are exciting and really great…I got a Legendary hammer from a normal box once!
Stygian armor and tents, MAN you guys nailed that look! Love!
Weapons in racks, thank you
Digging up treasure! WHAT! Great idea!
Flotsam floating frikken awesome!
Eldarium chests. Kicka$$
Maelstrom demons. I died a couple of times due to awe struck drooling on how good they look.
The landscape and design is perfect, not just the new Southern Isles…The whole Siptah!
I can open my gate from my horse! :sob: Tears of JOY!
Zath…enough said
New spider animations are so great. Like really fken awesome!
Thralls in cages…what an awesome idea! Love it!
And Pools of summoning splendor!
And the little statues for summoning that act as placeables! WHAT! Fck YEAH!
Oh my my my my my my my the pool summon ANIMATION EFFECT :eyes:
The first men…what an excellent addition with their weird looking gorgeous “gladiator” armor!
Eldarium braziers and statues that looks so good with Stormglass I feel bad for the other build styles!

edit: MOAR!

Eldarium tools! Complete set! ALL OF THEM! EVEN A FCKEN PICKAXE!!! WOWYWOWYWOWY!!!
Knocking my enemies from cliffs, yelling YEE…uhm THIS IS SIPTAH!!!(Mothertrucker) @Mayra :wink:
New rocknose models…check, but MOAR variants! Found a brimstone acid spewing one!
Camps and the impeccable “set dressing” each one telling a unique little story. #Immersion!
Sprinting attacks! YEAH! FCK YEAH!
OH MY the wheel…the new wheel of pain changes… :sob: (more joy tears)

If I think of more…and there are…I will come and add them. For someone who always tries to embrace the darknessss, now is a great time to do just that! Thank you so very very much!

:metal: :smiling_imp:


So cool


Hi @Necro and thank you for your kind words

We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the new update of Conan Exiles.
We will pass this feedback over to the rest of the team so that they can enjoy it as well :blush:


Totally agree, the visual upgrades and new zones/mechanics was an amazing surprise. Thanks Funcom!


I must agree most of the new things in 2.4 are really good, and graphic/art wise its really stunning.
What imho could use a bit of work is the balance, for example some npc seem to easy, some to hard, and the eaasy ones give way better loot.


Hello @Dana

Added a couple moar, please make sure to pass on…and don’t skip the tea lady Ignasis (sorry he might be the coffee guy…I forgot)

I feel you @FireStorm1010 , I totally agree. Lets hope they tweak it a little. :metal:

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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