Japanese Style DLC

According to the new Japan market and plenty of Japanese style fan around the world, Japanese style DLC is a very good idea for the next DLC pack.

Samerai ! Ninja! How’s that sound!?

next dlc will be pict dlc, after that, after that, why not, but what is the country in conan universe what is inspired by japan ? Hyrkania ? not sure…

One of the comics had a samurai styled character but not as eastern as the original. Reed and wood armor with a katana looking weapon but more like a falchion.

A Yamatai dlc might be nice if the game ever gets finished.

Aren’t the cosmetics are conan world related?

Yes, Samurai and Ninja would be nice… but isn’t Khitan kind of along those lines? I cannot say for sure, but the structure looks almost like historic Japanese architecture.

Yea, I feel the khitan does justice here. Plus, we dont want 100% authentic Japanese style. Since there is no Japan? in the conan universe.

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Robert E Howard based the world and time of Conan in the far, far away ancient past of our world today. For example, in Roberts writings the Cimmerians become the Gaels (Scots and Irish) and the Hyrkanians are the precursors of the Mongolians. I believe the Khitans were more Chinese based but their culture is really just oriental in general, not just specifically chinese. So yeah I think they could work for it.

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