Slav (Russian) architecture

Hi. I see a lot of architecture from many cultures was added in DLC like Chinese, Greek, Indian, etc. It would be also great to add Slav architecture.

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That would be because they have equivalents in the Conan universe, Khitai for China, Aquilonia for Greece, Turan for Persia/Iran (It’s not India), Picts for well, the Picts (and native Americans) and Yamatai for Japan, as far as I know Russia has no equivalent in the Conan universe.

Hyperborea? And some typical Russian architecture :wink:

Dug this list up online. It’s from an RPG, so take it with a grain of salt as to full accuracy.

AQUILONIA : Medieval France
ARGOS : Merchant-ruled Italy
Denmark or Norway
BARACHAN ISLES: The Caribbean Islands, particularly
BORDER KINGDOM: Baltic countries such as
Estonia or Latvia
BOSSONIAN MARCHES: Medieval Wales and/or
BRYTHUNIA: Medieval Germany, Poland, or
CIMMERIA: Gaelic Ireland and Scotland
CORINTHIA : Medieval Greece
Ancient African kingdoms
such as Darfur, Nubia, Kush, Somaliland,
Zimbabwe, and others
HYPERBOREA: Medieval Rus (Russia), particularly
HYRKANIA: A cross between Mongolia and Scythia
IRANISTAN: Caliphate Iran
KHAURAN: Medieval Syria
KHITAI: Feudal-era China
KHORAJA: Constantinople or the land known as
KOTH: The Byzantine Empire
NEMEDIA: The Germanic Holy Roman Empire
OPHIR: Medieval Sicily or Malta
PICTISH WILDERNESS: A combination of Scotland
and Native American North America
SHEM: The west is the Iron Age Levant (Canaan)
and Assyria, and the east is Arabian
STYGIA: Ancient Egypt
TURAN: Seljuk Turkey
VENDHYA: Mughal India
ZAMORA: Persia, especially Baghdad
ZINGARA: Reconquista-era Spain

So with this, you have Hyperborea, probably portions of Hyrkania are relatively close to Russian, and the Border Kingdoms as well.

Since we’ve got 3 more DLC en route for this year, it might be one that shows up. Or else in the Year 3 stuff.


This is no russian architecture. This is communist architecture and looks same in any communist or former communist country on this planet because they wanted to build cheap and fast. Russian architecture you can see on all the orthodox churches all around Russia, Ukraine and so on.

For the Conan time period, it’d be more like this:

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The Kozaks are the closest to Russians you can find in Conan’s world.

Not only orthodox churches had this style. You can google and find many other buildings.
Also Slav architecture was realised really good in Allods Online.

Good suggestion! Hyperborean culture as a “cold” DLC would perfectly fit into the mood of the game. Imagine mammoths for carrying like the turan elephants, log cabins and grimm warriors.

I would pay good money for that!


Hell yes. Something other than insulated wood to properly fit in the frozen north. That being said, i have money funcom, bring me more dlc’s. Loved the last one btw.

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following packages

The list @Crysis posted seems legit enough. Just remember that Howard took inspiration from real-world historical nations and peoples, but he wasn’t an ecucated historian, nor was he trying to replicate those peoples 100 %. For example, full plate existed in the Hyborian Age, even though it first appeared in early Renaissance era in our world, so everything described as “Medieval X” on the list needs to take into account that our “Middle ages” lasted for almost a thousand years, and contrary to popular belief, development, science and innovation did happen during that period.

Howard didn’t even try to achieve historical accuracy or historical equivalents, and most nations and cultures of the Hyborian Age were described in no more than a few sentences, so what we have today is built upon the mental images early readers got from those vague descriptions.

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