Thank you Funcom for the Continued Support and Fun Game

(Daughter here typing this…not my stubborn Dad :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

There is plenty of negative peeps on these forums. Some really get my Dad fired up and I tell him just don’t bother posting. I play this game fairly heavily (1400+ hrs) and absolutely love it. I will not ever play on an Official PvE/PvP again since they are just a mess. I play on fairly heavy modded private/hosted RP/ERP servers where most peeps actually simply play and have fun. So now that is out of the way…

My Dad and I want to thank Funcom directly in their forums for the really awesome DLCs and the continued game support. I know he has been critical in the forums on a couple of occasions but also complimented as well. I hated the changing of the dodge but once the adjustments were made I do not think I could go back to the old dodge. I like this better. The DLCs and very nice outfits are definitely my thing and I am very happy to keep buying them to help fund your company.

Are things without flaws? No. Not saying that. Are things A LOT better than they used to be? I am saying yes. I think this game has very long term longevity built right into it right now for us 3rd person RPers. Some mods from Steam help expand the game and make it better (my opinion) and less and less nasty breaking of things during Funcom DLC updates. Arguably I think Funcom should make a deal with these best of best mods (mainly the tools/enhancements like Pippi, LBPR, Roleplay 1.8, Emberlight) and integrate them into the base game. We are practically finished going through this now and the update has been fairly clean. AND I am definitely making use of the new Argos pack!

So Funcom…I just want to say that I love all the changes and support you have done and continue to do. Keep up the great work! I am loving YOUR game! I’ll purchase every DLC you come out with!
:kiss: :kiss: :heart:


Thank you for this wonderful post, i tottaly agree with everything you said, totally. About your father all i can say is that he is right. You have to understand my child that in this age we use this game to escape our reality for awhile and though our belies are big our stomach is smaller :joy::joy::joy:. So it is not easy for us to accept that white is black. Still sometimes we forget to turn on the lights and see that this was white and not black, but it is our age :+1:. Thank you for your wonderful post and your understanding, your dad must be very proud of you, i am sure that if you were my daughter, i would be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


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