The Bazaar - What would you like to see offered?

We’ve had threads like these before with regards to future DLC and what we wish was included in them. So, what do you all want to see in the Bazaar?

A few of my choices:

  • Bunk bed. Decorative, with thrall slots where unplaced thralls can be stored in a sleeping pose.
  • Greenery. Decorative, more shrubs, trees, plants!

And a few things mentioned on the forums:

  • Castration… (you know who you are.) Active ability. Doesn’t need explanation, I hope…
  • Ballista/Gastraphetes. Decorative.
  • Unique ‘flavour’ spells that would make for an impressive display but nothing else. For example: conjuring the illusion of a giant snake.

Let’s hear your thoughts/suggestions!


I’m a pvp player, so I’m going to preface my ideas with that framework in mind

I want more flags, more statues, and more torches. Colorful witchfire torches, animated flags, and big marble/stone/iron/bronze statues.

Also, I’ve said this before in other posts, but if they do a DLC release and not just the battlepass, CAN WE GET SOME NEW DRAWBRIDGE SKINS PLEASE? Also, new elevator skins. please.


new hair and face options


Building options. Skins for things that have never changed appearances before.

Maybe new thrall options that are cosmetic only. Like new dancers doing new dancing emotes or new dancer clothing.

New non-armor clothing in addition to the very limited clothing options we have now.

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the sand stone set again, would like to have arena ramp, and arena wedge walls, also the curtains fixed. And regionalized prices of course.

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more undead skins for animals.
Ability to change thrall skins (the old undead skins please)
Change how corruption affects you (from ghastly Barney to maybe more skeletal or Abyssal)
Bring more Age of Conan Armors and weapon skins into the game. Low hanging fruit as far as that is concerned since most of the work is done.


“The Bazaar - What would you like to see offered?”

Reasonably priced items?

Emberlight mod.


Like to be able to paint shields, but that really isn’t a bazaar thing.

Racial styled decor. There are a few in the DLCs but I’d like to see more then just sorcery decor items. There are quite a few races in game that aren’t really represented well or at all by DLCs or decor items.

More not armor for thralls. Actually like to be able to dress artisan thralls; yes there is a mod for it.

Emote packs for animals. this should be easy as there are already a lot of poses/animations for animals, they just aren’t except for a very few, available to us.

Lanterns of various styles to carry or place.

God and race murals. We’ve got the sorcery floor prints, and some wall prints. Like to see more of those in various themes; race, god.

I could do this all day.

Hyena/wolf packs; like the Turanian elephant and rhino skins. Yes, that rhino skin :wink:

The sandstone set in stonebrick and reinforced stone.


Agreed, i’d rather this thread stick to suggestions though… we already have a thread on the Bazaar’s negatives, don’t need a second one.

True, but that’s one of the problems the Bazaar has: pretty much everything they’ll end up adding could also be a mod.

Don’t think it’s that easy, AoC armours are probably of lower resolution than the current CE ones… they’d need a complete overhaul to make them up to par.

No no no no! I’m sure they would never come up with something as devious as a barrel… that… plays music :joy: (shameless plug)

If your question is limited to the Bazaar only, then sadly I have to agree with @DeaconElie here. I know there’s a ton of threads on prices etc… but it’s just the truth… while I would like to see many cosmetic items etc. in the game… I would really not like to see any of them in the Bazaar since that would automatically mean I wouldn’t buy it.

If however you’re extending the question to maybe future battle passes / DLCs, making it a more general “what would you like to see in future cosmetic / decorative content” then sure!

For example I feel there’s a lack of wardrobes… we have a cupboard… we now have the arcane curio cabinets… but we don’t have something as simple as a wardrobe / dresser that you could place in a “bedroom” to hold your spare armor sets (I currently use a cupboard, which while it looks okay feels less of a bedroom furniture)

I would also like to see proper carpets for once… so far every carpet attempt from Funcom seems like a complete miss… either they’re tiny doormats… huge thick white things (argossean?) that you trip over… or wrinkled messes with ankle-high folds on it that would drive you nuts if you had to stare at it in your home (Khitan)… The only reasonable carpet is the regular “large carpet” which on the other hand is bugged and sinks into the floor, requiring you to place a second one exactly on top :stuck_out_tongue:

Would also like to see more soft-lighting type of stuff… similar to the lantern or the khitan lamps. They are more FPS friendly than torches and could give some nice lighting effects.


I would pay for some form of atmosphere as a placeable.

As in, I place an instrument and it plays mild, quiet melodies, either permanently or for a reasonable duration after each use.

This placeable could be in the form of a musician thrall, or a musical instrument that is currently in game, or some other form of placeable.

I would pay to be able to summon a localized rainstorm (purely cosmetic), but for a decent duration. Useable placed item, 5 or 10 minutes duration. May or may not cost resources.

An easy solution to this would be to allow dancers to also function as musicians, same effect on corruption.


More darfari themed things. Anything in that vein.


That’s why I said shameless plug above :smiley: Made these the other day for my NPC camps


Finally a buidling style that has inner walls and doorframes. I really dont understand what is so hard to create a wall that looks exactlly the same from both sides so that we can build seperate rooms in one house.


Armor stands. Ones you can put full suits of armor on and it displays visually, like the weapon racks do. That way I can finally get rid of Fashionist Mod.


Bondage and orgy gear and decor like in Arnolds Conan.

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  • Clear glass wall / ceiling.

  • Capes / Epaulettes.

  • Chandelier.

  • 2 foundations-wide gate / door

  • White Ice building pieces.

  • Trees. One thing I learned from Share your Shelter thread is that, greens make everything better, however trees should be on the base game and variations on the Bazaar.

All in all, the Bazaar prices should be toned down a bit.


That would be plain ice. Black ice isn’t Black but clear the name comes from the fact you can barely see it on the asphalt roads are made of.

What the heck is even going on with the Bazaar? I swear I checked it a couple of days ago and it said there was 1 day and a few hours until the current items expire. Check it just now and it looks like the same crap is still in the Bazaar with 7 days and some hours before it expires. Are they just refreshing the same stuff over and over lol?


Bazaar turnover is suspended at this time …I believe there is an issue.


I wanted that camping kit, but it’s non functional, the price sucks and there are zero reviews of it on Youtube. As for what I’d like to see offered besides more realistic prices and more informative descriptions of bazaar items, would be more cultural crafting stations besides the artisan bench.