What would you like to see at the market?

It seems to me that the same items appear very often in the bazaar.
I want more variety. But I understand that developers can be busy with other things. What to do? And that’s what! Sell ​​items from past Battle passes!

For example, I came to Conan when it was already the second battle pass. But I really like the decorations and building kits from Battle pass #1. And I would love to buy them!

What is your opinion? Would you like items from past battle passes to be sold in the bazaar?

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What I would like to see in the market?

Reasonable pricing.
Guarantee the items work as advertised.
Guarantee the it is what is advertised.
And croms back in 48hours if not satisfied.

You know, reasonable retail policies.


Prices cut down by minimum 50%


It would also be great to sell items from the Isle of Siptah. Those that can be crafted without Eldarium.
I especially miss the shelves!(((((

Character transfer tokens. So we can see who really wants to transfer.

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The point of battle passes is to offer some exclusive content that you can’t get any other way.

Lost Dungeon build set, Bone Conjurer bundle, Black Magic bundle, Viking horn emote and kneeling sit emote. Because I would like to build my bloody treasure room sometime this century

As others have mentioned, a greater discount on prices.

If prices go high, fewer will buy.
If prices go low, money will flow.

And another thing, the coding for the Orb of Nergal should be expanded to allow for dlc faces, eyes, eyebrows, hairsyles, beards, etc.

More love for Lemurians.
Perhaps a set of Armour that resembles actually armour. A limited build set and placeables.

More placeable/interactable instruments.

Shortswords, “Katanas” (more like swiss sabres or grosse messern), dual blades (axe or sword), javelins and throwing axes to match past DLCs.

This one would pay for the Black Ice building set used in the Frost Giant capital. Altho this one objects vigorously to putting already in game assets behind a paywall.

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Already got 8 characters ready to roll back and forth.

Oh and name change tokens too please.

Aside from the stuff that @DeaconElie mentioned, as far as ACTUAL new stuff, I’d like to see more static lighting. I love the radium torches, but they don’t have the right look for most builds. I also have built full bases with the wall lantern, but they’re just not bright enough so you end up needing tons of them. Also, the khitan are nice, but very niche.

Prices are ridiculous. Lower the prices and stop putting up the fake discounts . you think putting a “/” through the prices players think that is a genuine reduction?

I would much appreciate to see new lift, drawbridge and well variations in all build designs Storm Glass, Turian, Nemidian ect.

Wooden bookshelves (like the ones in fake doors set) but actually placeable shelves, with GOOD collision detector (not the crappy ones we’ve seen recently).

I would spend some money for those.

I am looking for a special place, to be able to exchange with real players and trade between them. I’m not looking for it to be a routine but something special.

I’d like to see bazaar permissions to equip items replaced with permissions to craft it only. It sucks knowing the armor I’ve bought is useless to everyone who hasn’t bought the same thing. Part of the joy in having the old DLCs was actually being able to contribute to a team with them.

Also it messed up the twitch drops of old. If I can’t have everyone running around as bug-eyed spider cultists then what’s even the point of this game??

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