You can't just make up new rules and start banning

I appreciate you cracking down on the game but you can’t just make up new rules that ban people without warning. I rarely comes to forums so how am I suppose to know these new rules that I’m violating if you give no warning.

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There is a message about them when you log in to the game under any character.


Yes but did not happen until the day after the “purge” of any one who broke these new rules. Its unfair to places new rule without giving people a least a week to fix any rules they might have broken. Imagine if you got arrested for a law that just been made public the day after you got arrested.

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So stop being a total jerk to the server and the community? It’s not hard.


What one person defines as “being a jerk” to the community, or server, another person doesn’t. What one person sees as “strategy on a pvp server”, another one doesn’t. Both cases can end up with people being banned…sooooo rather then deal with exploiters and cheaters, Funcom chose the route of being the Thought, Feeling and Word Police of the Exiled Lands.


Yes they can and they have to do it. Or u are that kind of pepole who close obelisks and sulfur ? Learn to play


Yes just stop cheating and blocking stuff or undermeshing or whatever it is your doing to come on here and complain and you’ll be ok … oh if your blocking stuff hmmm my advice would be to remove it ASAP … there you have your warning


Really? What “purge”? Also, which rules were broken and in what way? And was the ban permanent?

If I had a quarter for every time someone came to complain about being punished unfairly only to be presented with clear evidence of their misdeeds, well, I would probably have enough money to buy the next DLC…

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Like I said in a previous post of mine. Rules don´t matter if you have not to fear any consequenses. Official servers served long enough as a contact and entry point for cheates, abusers and toxic players. I am glad Funcom finally starts to act. It was long overdue.

When people start to understand that this kind of behaviour is no longer supported and will get you banned they will change their behaviour. Its for the better.

In the last 2 years, I was stalked, threatend, personally attacked and my reputation was pulled into dirt. All that because I like to play pvp in a multiplayer online game? I think things just got out of hands. And I am not alone. A lot of people have had the same experience. This needs to stop.


See the thing is I was never told just ban I’m assuming it was all my claim in the jungle to stop trebs which I don’t see is un fair nothing was blocked

Yes, yes they absolutely can at any point in time. Read the terms of service.

Where is this “purge” you speak of? Was it hidden in a rock wall? (sorry, had to go there).

No, Funcom chose the route of making their game a more enjoyable environment for the overall population in the way they felt best. That is their right to do so in however manner they deem fit.


Sounds like “foundation spam” which is unfair.

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I’m assuming everyone crying is just a role player or p v e player because you couldn’t fight. Large amounts of land claim, undermeshing, blocking brim, pike glitch, and the old plant fiber glitch I’ve seen it all and fought against it all and was still able to be alpha across multiple server (not at once unfortunately) and now I get ban over large amount land claim I assume because of some salty people who couldn’t fight a three man clan while they were 10 deep. Isn’t that kinda unfair I mean realistically 10 people can easily smash small clan, why isn’t that ban able? Oh wait because it’s a survival game as long as they aren’t truly exploiting and braking the game it shouldn’t be ban able.

I’m glad we got an og

Personally attacked? Your rep drag through mud? Is seem like you gave your personality info on an online game and we all should know by now that people online are kinda crazy. I wouldn’t blame that on conan you should learn how to be more private.

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How is strategy to keep your base alive on a pvp server cheating land claim is necessary for trebs because they go thru bubbles now you would know this if you played pvp. Honestly I get that people who under meshed and exploit suck but tbh its conan fault for letting it be in the game they should have posted these rules in game gave everyone a week to adjust to them and then ban. Not ban then give new rules a day later.

Wait, which is it? Were you punished because of the new rules? Or were you told nothing? Pick one.

If you weren’t told anything, maybe you should try to find out why you were banned and for how long, before you start claiming it’s the new rules.

What I think is the best think tho is none of you guys know me or how I play but since I posted about getting ban, im a jerk? I get you guys are all feels and no logic but banning people for land claim is ridiculous. Now blocking stuff is understandable but not land claim, they aren’t cheating by stopping people from building close to their base and if you have a problem with some ones claim in pvp guess what, you raid them its kinda the point.

You see I’m a part of his clan and we got banned before all these rules was on the the restart screen

Its pretty simple I was banned because of the new rules the day before it was made public but was not given a reason when I dm Ignatius.