Warn before banning please

The new rules are good addition but parts of it is vague. I’ve already heard of players being falsley accused of breaking guidelines and banned. In pvp people will make false complaints about each other to ban people they don’t like. And because parts of the new rules are vague almost everyone may be breaking some part of the rules. What is considered spamming vs protecting your base from seige assault on pvp? Along with other vague rules it’s not so clear cut. Please warn players before banning them so they can act accordingly to fix any grey areas of the rules or deal with false reporting before losing everything to a ban


Fully agree with this


The new rules have been published on Friday and I haven’t yet seen Funcom do anything substantial over a weekend.

Also, I’d like to know how you know that these banned players were falsely accused if you only heard of it? Unless you’ve actually witnessed what happened and know that it was a false accusation, it boils down to one word against another.


This exactly. It’s so easy to violate the rules, get caught and banned, then cry that you were falsely accused. But without proof then it’s simply that, a claim. A claim without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.


Hey I got banned thats something and so have someone else I know and 3 othere without warning from building in black keep, a purge has well started and thats pretty big… no?

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Please everyone look up the server 2111 in the funcom forums and look at shadowcat spam lies about us! She started this new policy and purge 100%!

We need to expose this!

Common sense would tell you building in the black Keep is a no no whether there’s rules or not


Yeah well everyone had built in there as it was cool so we thought it would be cool too. No matter if it was wrong which now I believe it was wrong to do… it does not deserve a ban as it was all over youtube even… at least give me that

Is that what they did? :man_facepalming:

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That might be the reason for the ban, then. If that was all, I would hope that the ban is temporary, as their post stated.

One thing I’ll agree 100% with you and anyone else is that they should clearly state the reason for the ban, regardless of whether it’s temporary or permanent. It won’t be much of a deterrent if people aren’t clear on why they got punished.


Isn’t Black Keep one of the places where you get a Keystone piece? If so, blocking it was against the rules even before the rules update.


It is… You get the tears of 2 races from Kinscourge.

But you have 2 ways into Blackkeep… And I dont know where and how you could build in the blackkeep.

Because everyone is doing it, doesn´t make it right.

I know how the pvp, specially the hardcore crowd ticks and I also know that people got used to exploiting the heck out of the game. They often think, that they need to hop in the same boat as others, otherwhise they will not survive on their server. And yes, Funcom is to blame for letting this happen for too long. It got out of hand. But people thinking it is ok to be selfish, arogant and harmfull to others is not the way to go. It destroys the game.

Like striders said, its common sense. You are all grown up, you know exactly that what you do is not right. And yet you come here and blame others and Funcom for your wrong doings. Building in the black keep or other locations that are meant to be used by everyone, blocking of ressources or obelisks, claiming 2, 3 or even 4 grids with sandstone pieces to prevent others from building or to get raided with trebs, using exploits to gain advantages … all this is wrong. And everyone who is doing it, knows it. So please stop acting as this bans come to u like a surprise on christmas.


false reports will be punished. Did you read the post made by FunCom?

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Who made false reports?

It’s a good job all these cheaters have been banned now as ruin the game for everyone else. Now all they have left to do is moan about it on forums like they didn’t do anything wrong


Baldrick didnt you build in the black keep blocking the main entrance with thralls to ambush and the rear entrance so that players are trapped once they enter it they cannot leave. false accusations? with videos and screens for proof so I dont see how that is false.


That’s why in the rules salud clearly that they need to show some relevant información i think they font Will be say tres to all the reports