Warn before banning please

the video shows the undermesh when you get ambushed while loading in btw. and I left the clan name out of the screenshots

the last image is entering from the back side underwater

and there is screens and videos of everything else they have been “innocent” of doing like the clan name they “never had”

@Shadowkat2120 they are banned and all know why now, it is time to let go.


I know and you are right just get tired of seeing the proclaim innocence after admitting to it so figured i would just show some of the proof they say doesn’t exists. My apologies to you and everyone else.


I didn’t know there is a back door to enter black keep. This game is really amazing. Thanks!


I only knew it, when I was completing the journey step to visit all places… I missed some very remote places and the no-loading screen way into the volcano :smiley:


Baldrick is just spamming but I’ve seen a few different post from people who were in this clan who got banned some are just mad about zero warning to fix what they violated and some are mad that you claimed they hacked and told people to kill themselves. From what I read alot of your claims to them hacking are stuff I’ve experienced in game due to lag. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get in trouble for the black keep I’m stating you have also made false claims. If they truly hacked battle eye would have permanent banned them already.

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The only ones who have all the information are Funcom. The rest of can only reason based on what we can see in these threads and based on responses from Funcom.

That said, it looks pretty clear that:

  • multiple players had a bunch of similar complaints about the same clan
  • Funcom acted based on evidence and research

Ultimately, that’s what matters, that Funcom investigated the incident, found evidence corroborated the accusations, and acted accordingly.

I’m pretty sure that they’ll also act accordingly against people who try to abuse the existence of new rules.

Heh, I wish I shared your absolute confidence in software…


That’s why they were banned for the black keep it seems I would just like to inform shadowkat that those are bugs do to lag not hacks

We can all agree this is game doesn’t run very well so its our job to spot which is bad software and what is legitimate hacks/exploits

Okay, I’ll bite, how can you be sure? Do you have access to tools Funcom has? Were you involved directly?

The new rules even explicitly mention the possibility of players using hacks that create symptoms you claim can only result from lag and bad software:

So unless you have actual evidence of something concrete, let’s not spend anymore time insinuating that innocents might get banned due to false accusations, because we’ve seen no incidence of that so far and plenty of incidences of people getting banned when they deserve it.

On xbox servers I have never come across hacks, ever. The worst thing that someone has done to me was the 4th hit only exploit and sliding exploit last year

Because I’ve seen multiple people have the same glitches even people in my own clan who I know aren’t hacking, besides this so called speed glitch which how do we know the player just doesn’t have a grit build or he was lagging in one direction but was In reality behind her. Instead it was claimed as a hack. Besides one of these “hacks” she claimed was invisible armor which is zero benefits to the player. And invalid are a very common thing to happen its happened to me and other because lag/hit boxs dont registers

Xbox has battle eye. Also, if so, does PS$? Totally legit question, as i thought battle eye was PC only…

Yeah, no. Battleye is on PC only. Imagine PC Conan is a tasty plant-based-gelatin Turkish Delight, Battleye is a hard candy coating that decreases the overall palatability only slightly.

On PS4 and XBox, it is significantly harder to make the thing run other apps (generally, multitask), let alone simultaneously run any nefarious apps that do the work to break Console Conan. In fact, Playstation has begun handing out compliance bans for consoles running known-compromised versions of the System Software.

This is almost always how it’s accomplished: through a jailbroken, downgraded or hoc-graded console. Playstation has become quite good at detecting this kind of behavior, so much so that already-compromised machines are in extraordinarily high demand on the black market. Not to blow any smoke, but if recent press is to be believed, similar ai-based heuristics will be innate to the PS5, which will only improve our gaming experience.


DMCA ftw!

Hard candy coating on lokum?


I’ll have you know my people take lokum very seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


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