3.0 and new BAN rules

Hello there.

Everyone knows that the actual rules are quite nebulous and arbitrary.
With 3.0 coming with Battlepass and other types of monetization, will these rules be revised and improved?

Official servers are the gateway for any player and currently even players with 10 hours of gameplay are being banned for nothing.

I believe that all old players who still play, those who will return, as well as those to come with this new content, do not want a toxic environment created (specially created by the developers itself).
Mass report ban, ban by hack without even having used hack, ban and destruction of bases that apparently have nothing wrong are happening all the time…

Several players (including my friends) exploit this reporting system to banish enemies on official servers, without even them having done anything wrong (and it works).

Other than that, there are working hacks currently and they are only being banned TEMPORARILY (because of the anti-cheat when updating), believe me.

Do you have any position on this?

There is a very large portion of your community that is interested in knowing about this.
Thanks. This game is great (the best survival) and i hope to come back to it very soon ^^


Yeah, considering that funcom is focusing on making money, you would think that they would change this rule, especially for building. Just added build limit in the game10,000 blocks. And i love that they are adding a battle pass and a store but if i buy stuff from the store or battle pass and get banned for building then that’s it done that is the number one reason people are getting banned for building.

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Its hard to put faith on something that was poorly executed. There are so many things that could been improved but they are focus on new stuff instead of fixing old things. Still cant see what server my characters are on…

Hell, ive been banned just for killing someone… but then again i play on xbox, you kill a streamer and all thier supporters report you, next thing ban… now after a 2 hour phone call with microsofts bs tech support youl get it all back if you use the right terminology, but are you being banned by funcom or some bs third party program? ( microsofts be third third party volunteer banning service)

EDIT: just asking this question it sounds like your on pc, but i know microsofts bans are 90% bs(its controlled by “volunteers”), i cannot speak on ps4…

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Getting people banned is now the weapon of choice

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I’m currently serving a permanent ban since November last year. I was building a base and was reported for land claim from a clan that wanted the location. I’ve appealed three times over the seven months, only to be told due to my offence and length of ban, the ban will not be lifted. This is on Xbox.

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Where are it anounced?

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