The white knights of hatred(Kotaku) are rallying! XD

The angry white knights of the internet are now sounding the horns of war. lol

I don’t understand this. The best way to deal with racism used for provocation is to straight up ignore it. It’s not fun for the griefer until you’re upset, and then you’re just playing into their hands and they double down.


As someone who’s dealt with racism for a good portion of my life, I agree. Most people only do things to get a reaction, so if you don’t give them one, they more often than not go away.

It’s just sad that in 2018, people still haven’t learned the age-old statement of “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. :\

Totally agree. What happened to people these days? Someone says something you don’t like? Ignore them.

After all, it IS the internet, and there are scary things out there…

I want the devs to focus on fixing bugs and adding content. Not playing internet mommy to all the “offended” snowflakes out there. The problem with moderating speech is that it’s subjective, and a slippery slope. How do you define racism? How do you distinguish between something benign and something aweful? What if someone just “feels” offended? Or what about the person who takes up the offense from someone else who wasn’t even bothered? If funcom gets into the moderation business, the crazy will never end and it probably opens them up to liability… Plus the cost of hiring or managing moderators. Besides, do you think the Vikings gave a crap about racist comments? Only if they had a axe in their hand…

So, how about the “offended” person go and raid the base of the other guy, or camp his door and chop him up when he comes out? It’s not like you need an internet mommy to get even.


I wish natural selection still existed among humans.

It does, it’s just evolved differently. Think about every person that drinks to the point of liver failure, or people over-dosing on drugs, be they legal or illegal. Also think about the people who do “Jackass” type stuff and end up in the hospital or worse. The tide pod challenge comes to mind as well. That’s why products we buy have warning labels on them, so companies can’t be sued because of natural selection.

So it still exists, it just had to evolve with us as we advanced technologically.

This is awful but sorta true

Also sadly ineffective

Think of the average person you know and how dumb they can be now remember 50% are worse than that lol

Blocking resources is tactical.
Hard words only hurt soft feelings.
Whining and complaining will not push a boulder up a hill.
This is what happens when kids get trophies for showing up.

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The result of this won’t be the moderation of official servers.

But their closure. Funcom has neither the funds nor the manpower to moderate them. Get too much bad press and they’ll cut out and amputate the problem entirely.

Less than 25% of the playerbase plays on official. Moving them to singleplayer or undededicated private servers off their own machines is a better solution than wasting time and effort on this.

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I had to stop streaming on my Launch Server because of the antisemitic names, nicks and utterances in Chat. It was to the point where not having chat up meant people raided me incessantly for blanking them, so I stopped airing my gameplay.

Why can’t they build a chat that cripples bad words?

Doesn’t Pippi have a chat filter?? Granted, that would mean you’d have to play on a dedicated server rather than an official one, but I think they have a filter.

I’m sure Pippi has most everything these days with a team like that. No, I just love the “real” experience of PVP officials, and it’s a small price to pay until I decide it’s valuable enough to blur out the chat real-time. I can cover the hateful junk for “let’s play” videos and whatnot, so it’s only the streaming that gets a shrift for now.

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