Apologizes to the Conan Exiles player community!

If i ever made someone feel uncomfortable on these forums, please forgive my rudeness.
If i ever was rude to someone, please forgive me.
My intentions were never to come here and argue with anyone else then the developers themselves. I do not come here because i have nothing better to do, i come here for “we going to try and fix it”. No matter what i try, my game play loop was always affected by end game breaking bugs(which i reported all in here) and none been fixed. Ashame.

With this being said, i am making my leave now to never be seen again in here(i do not have multiple forum accounts like others in here).

I wish you all a good time, stay healthy and hydrated.

PS: Jimbo im going the hell out of here :wink: i’ve listened to you!


My thoughts are that you should stay
We all need a little challenging in put just drop the F bombs probably what got you flagged. Don’t know of many people have not gotten overly heated occasionally. @Coty

I think you guys need to realize that this is essentially a “public place”…

This is not you “calling your cable company in private” to yell at them, because you need to vent that you cannot watch your favorite show… this is you being the “angry dad” having a meltdown in the middle of the mall… and nobody wants to see that… you wouldn’t either if the roles were reversed…

This forum is NOT for you venting… it’s for discussing the game and reporting bugs in a civilized manner… if you’re angry… go outside in your yard and punch a tree :man_shrugging:


I would disagree. It just depends on HOW you vent. Personal attacks, calling Devs names etc is not venting.
Being frustrated with aspects of the game and venting about it in a proper manner on these forums IS a form of feedback.



It’s also vanishingly rare.

I’m pretty sure @Xevyr’s talk about angry venting refers to the 99% of the venting posts, i.e. those along the lines of how “ignorance and incompetence from Funcom’s devs is what drives players away”, rather than the 1% that goes along the lines of “it’s really frustrating and disappointing to see this serious bug that I reported in TestLive go unfixed into live release”.

But hey, that’s the GIFT of the online discourse :stuck_out_tongue:


I was literally typing a reply :smiley: so here it is:

That’s not really disagreeing… more like clarifying I guess, since you don’t often see the type of “venting” around here that contains constructive feedback :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, ofc! Feedback away! :slight_smile:

Basically my point was that many people seem to forget that this is not their private line to the developers and that their target audience (alongside the devs) mainly consists of regular gamers just like them who play the same game… and having a public meltdown is neither constructive nor fun to watch.


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