Funcom Plz Don't Listen 2 The whiners!

With that being said, do not listen to 99% of these posters (exaggeration) on the suggestion forums. As you’ve stated earlier, the game is not for everyone & I agree. People will be disgruntled due to this post I’m certain. To those of you disgruntled, go look at the the game intro or the advertisement of conan exiles as a whole & tell me what kind of game this is portrayed to be. This isn’t sesame street or sims 4. We have players (barley) that casually play the game (10 -20) hrs a week (again another exaggeration) on the forums making suggestions for the entire conan exiles game. As an older conan exiles player, with tons of hours and my own pvp private server, I urge you to ignore these guys (they have they do not represent the majority of conan). They’re killing the game (reference December patch and friends). It hurts my eyes to see the atrocities they’re suggesting . It hurts even more to see them ACTUALLY make it through to live game play before more serious situations. THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE COBRA GUYS! It might’ve been kinder to leave a lot of these guys on the cross as stated by the barbarian himself.

*I get it you all have lives & all that. So does everyone.
It doesn’t change bottom line though.

*Player’s who put in 10-30 hrs a week (exaggeration) on the game shouldn’t be able to beat players who put in 100+ hours a week (another exaggeration) . Anyone suggesting monthly wipes are most likely not serious conan exiles players. They do not know how hard it is to get a ton of loot and claim alpha status because they dont have the skills & effort to do so. So they ask for a wipe lol. You cant expect casuals to be on even ground with Hardcore players. Wipes will just make ppl play other games. I’ve wiped ppl and they went to play other games so what do you think will happen if you wipe the whole server?

*Dont implement features to please casual players. Again they don’t know how to play so they ask you to m change the game to their tastes so they can be happy for the 1 hr they put on the game in 3 days time.

*nerfing/Disabling avatars, can’t knock out player owned thralls, the trebuchet/bomb nerf etc. Has literally turned raiding into an offline only thing. If you want loot, you offline raid. If you want pvp, you still can’t get it because the defenders are just gonna replace destroyed building pieces with new ones and if you get in, they just teleport out through the map room with their loot or just hop on a horse and rideaway. These are all casual gamer requests that made half the player base leave.

*your losing your pvp player base fast. Pvp is life blood of conan. It’s the main reason the game is even alive right now. Pve & role players are the fastest to quit when they don’t get they’re way, I know. I hosted a pve server.

*this game is getting closer & closer to false advertisement with every patch. I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price for this game; thinking that they were gonna god somebody’s base only to find out that they disabled avatars. Thinking that they’re gonna pve only to see that you need thralls to do majority of the endgame stuff in the game. Thinking you’re gonna actually get some cqc action only to see players on horse back trampling over you taking half you life bar & applying bleed.

This game is going down the drain. Stop listening to casual gamers & listen to your more experienced player base. Thanks!

*this has been edited so everyone can better understand what I’m trying to say without changing what was ORIGINALLY posted. Additionally, I know that most of the recent posts on this forum is mostly pve centric. LET THIS BE CLEAR!

I don’t want to take anything away from casual players. I’m just saying the more experienced players should be considered more than those who are not because we dedicate more of our life span to the product than everyone else. It’s as simple as that. You dont have to agree. It’s not for your consideration but your opinion is very much appreciated. Should it take priority over the bugs,balance issues & exploits running rampant right now? Uhh… No.

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Do you mean casual players as in players with real world responsibilities that spend money. Not accusing you of anything but some people might think you don’t care for casual gamers.


They should definitely not listen to players who put 100+ hours a week because they likely don’t have any income to support the development if they spend 14h/day gaming. Not to mention a bunch of other issues that may arise from staying and gaming for 14h/day both health and mental.

Sorted by online players here. Counting 7 RP servers:


A bit harsher than I would’ve put it, but succinct.


This sounds great, until you realize the 100+ hours a week players don;t pay by the hour for DLC. So realistically, catering to ten 10-15 hours a eek players is a better business practice if you want thru traffic for DLC buys. You know what DLC buys mean right, money, scratch, skrilla,dinero, moolah. And I am not mistaken, that is what is still needed to pay employees? Now, 100+ hour players should have some kind of voice as well. But that voice should in the end be about the survival of the entire game, not the self. Because that self is not going to pay programmers to put out new DLC/pathces and so on.


100 hours a week. Just an FYI. There are only 168 hours in a week. If you sleep 8 hours a day, for a week, that is another 56 hours. So, 156 hours a week, you are sleeping, or playing Conan Exiles. That leaves you a few short hours (12) to microwave your food and then do a few choice errands, and maybe shower once.

I kid, but only slightly.

100 hours is nothing to be proud of. And while we have all been there on weekends, or vacations, or retirement, scoffing at the opinions of players that play 10-20 hours a week is… ignorant on your part.

Fortunately, no matter how much time you spend in the game, you can have good ideas… or bad ones.

Funcom will ultimately decide which ideas are bad, or not. The more suggestions, the better they can do their job.

And a reminder. You and your 100+ hours a week are not the majority. But your opinions should be as valued as a player who plays 20 hours a week, or even 10.

Conan is a simple game. It’s got a lot to explore, but it’s also very lacking in complexities. Many players have a good handle on it even after playing for only a couple weeks.

I do, however understand you concern. And i will even agree with you, in the hope that Funcom does not bend to loud, but ill informed thoughts of certain people.

It’s out of our control though, just enjoy the game!

And yes.

Wiping monthly is stupid, and self destructive from a game designed to “build things”.

Like selling a cheeseburger that eats itself.


Im gonna veer left here. But can you provide some examples outside of server wipes? You have valid points and then you kinda abomb yourself with some opinions.

I think there’s definitly a discussion worth having here. Does Funcom want to make this game for “us” the people whove been here awhile or do they want to make it for a future customer base that might not exist? Thats something I can get passionate about, looking at you Star Wars, and frankly with some of the behaviors ive seen lately im on the fence about purchasing the dlc thursday @Hugo (it wasnt hugo but idk who to let know that their employees are poorly reflecting their product in an official capacity) because of the way some funcom staff have been acting lately and the lack of concrete information on what to expect past thursday. It didnt work out well for ole Chuck Wendig did it?

So if the “whiners” are cut from the same cloth as the people who have tanked the American comics industry, American pop culture/mainstream science fiction, table top gaming culture, or hold the opinion that “Orcs are problematic”. Then I would agree, please everyone stop listening to them. Its not working out … but if the “whiners” are casual players (10-20 hours is still a part time job where i come from) then I dont know how much of a leg you have to stand on.

So please, clarify for me with a few examples. I want to understand and maybe even help others to understand where youre coming from. But I need more from ya.

“Wipe bases for noobz” is a bad idea. Is it a bad idea from a casual or is it a bad idea from someone who really doesnt care and just wants impose their opinions on other people. What other ideas and suggestions do you disagree with?

I mean, it’s not like anyone is saying “all official servers should be wiped periodically”. Every time I’ve seen that idea – or supported it or suggested it myself – it’s always been along the lines of “wouldn’t it be nice if we had a few official servers like that, for people who enjoy that kind of challenge”. :man_shrugging:

And it’s not like people suggesting it don’t have rational arguments for it. :wink:

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Wait, you actually read and comprehend threads…the shame of you :wink:


Fixed it for you.


IM sorry but LMFAO!

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OP post- PvP on officials -yes you are correct. there are more pvpers than pvers.

BUT and this is a big BUT, the amount of private servers with content and people, blow pvpers out of the water on officials.

WHY? because the option to pvp is enabled on the RP servers and turned off when people start getting stupid.

People love options and private servers give us that option.


Actually, its a tough call when listening to an audience. Sometimes fans see problems and warn developers of potential issues. In that case, devs do well to listen to their fanbase. On the other hand, sometimes “lurkers-pretending-to-be-fans” complain about issues not being addressed according to the narrative they think is best for everyone, but don’t really support the product so much as support their agenda. In that case, devs do well to ignore the “agenda-driven” “whiners.”

So when a “complaint” or “objection” or “suggestion” comes in, the devs are tasked with deciding if its a legitimate issue or request vs someone’s preference or agenda. In other words, to listen or not listen.

I don’t envy devs in that place – they want their game to be great and loved by as many as possible (producing good revenue) and trying to figure out who is saying what can be a daunting task.

Our job, however, is to present our feedback and the reasons for it (besides “I don’t like it”).

All of this is to say I hope EVERYONE gets to have their say (yes, even the whiners). Let the devs sort out who they should listen to (and hope they make wise decisions).

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I, like several others it seems, get hung up at this part. Well, I got hung up at the title, because it is another case of same song, 45509385835th verse. But more so at this statement.

If someone has 100+ hours a week to dump into this or any other game, then in 99% of cases, f*ck that guy, I don’t care about his opinion and his extreme outlier status shouldn’t sway the opinion needle in the slightest for anything. For the sake of argument, let’s lower it to 50. If you play 50+ hours in this game, you could be a drooling window licker and still achieve alpha status on half the servers and get a ton of loot, simply because you spent 50+ hours a week. So no, casual players wouldn’t appreciate how hard it is for him to achieve alpha status, because it isn’t hard at all.

It is one thing to say that there should be a gap between casual and hardcore players. Sure, fine. It is another thing to be an elitist and say ‘Don’t implement features to please casual players. Again, they don’t know how to play’. I’ve met casual players that could play circles around any of the big talking hardcore players, but they have kids, or jobs, or just…a life that prevents them from joining the holy order of hardcore elitists.

How about if everyone just argues for the changes they want, make good arguments and give decent reasons, instead of constantly going back to the old tired ‘if you don’t listen to me and my perspective, the game is dying and will disappear soon, because f*ck the other player groups, they suck.’ Yet here we are, still playing. Game is still doing ok, progress is being made, people still buy the DLC and log on. Advocate for your own playstyle instead of constantly advocating against another playstyle.


How many daily threads per day are launched by PVPers about quitting over OP thralls and/or horses again? Or PvPers who did leave and are now back due to Funcom’s tightening of and enforcing the rules?
Meanwhile, RPs put up with and deal with griefers and PVPers who don’t respect RP but stay anyways.

Let’s not stereotype any of CE’s wide fanbase, yeah?


10 hours per week? In a game? Get a life man! Here we have a problem that we can see on most servers, some nolife players with 10+ hours per day. It is not possible for normal players with 2 to 4 hours per day to protect their base and grow.

We already have servers wipe in PVP, some big clans wait a little and wipe news players. With a real wipe, everyone has a chance!

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Alot of ppl do not have 10+ hrs left in the day after working a job, like an adult. Personally, i get about 6 hrs in the evenings to do laundry, clean, feed the pet, iron my boxers…etc. So…?..sorry? Get a job and pay some taxes!


Me, I just hope no company listens to a person who tells them to ignore the opinion of other customers.

Also, hours/week spent on the game do not make your opinions more valid. Your opinions validate (or invalidate) themselves based on what they are. It’s also no proof that you’ve spent those hours doing anything constructive or learning anything.

10 to 30 hours per week sounds already pretty dedicated to me. Assuming a person has a full-time job or is a student (remember, we’re talking about 18+ people here) who gets a decent amount of sleep and eats well, and may have a family, friends, pets or other duties beyond playing video games (and who might, Heaven forbid, play other games besides Conan Exiles!), even three hours per day on weekdays is a luxury most people can’t afford.

Dismissing their opinions because you’re one of the elite few who don’t need to worry about going to work or school or anything (or maybe a rare mutant who needs no sleep) is, simply put, rude. You don’t represent the majority - not even the majority of so-called “hardcore” players. You’re a statistical anomaly. If I was a statistician, I might ask Funcom to disregard this statistical anomaly when determining their development strategy - but as a fellow player I believe you have an equal right to express your opinions than the rest of us. What you don’t have the right to is demand that the opinions of other fellow players be ignored because they don’t play as much as you.


get a load of this guy cam

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Are you serious ??? Why not also ask to privatize the game to “an elite” of no-life players (irony)?
Everyone should be able to give their opinion on the game, because not everyone plays Conan Exiles for the same reasons. For my part I play on PVE server because I like the exploration and craft aspect of the game (but I respect PVP players). Casual PVP, PVE or RP players also allow the game to live, just like hardcore PVP players.