Same Old Human Nature (Mild Rant)

I’m going to keep this brief, because as general rule, I hate negativity.

Clamoring Conan Exiles Crowd For Months -----> Give us new stuff! Change these systems which are broke! When are we gonna get an update?

Clamoring Conan Exiles Crowd After 3.0 -----> This sucks! Give us the old way to build! Not enough spells for combat! What’s the point of the challenges? ad nauseum

So, just as it’s been in gaming for 20 years, the forums are ruled by those who will never be satisfied no matter what they get. I’m sorry for those who refuse to enjoy how they spend their free time.

Thank you Devs for your hard work and creating a game I love to play. That being said, I’m going to go play now. And enjoy myself. Maybe some of you should follow suit? Just sayin’.


I’m a pretty patient person and realize there’s real people behind this that have worked tirelessly to provide a game I love and add new content. As an artist myself and trained in game design, it is beautiful, interesting and provides the content that I crave. Of course there’s always room to improve and that comes with time, feedback, trial and error and sometimes having to settle.

Kudos to the team behind bringing us Conan Exiles and the new 3.0 AoS. It is going to take a bit to work out the major kinks.

Some old problems may still persist but hopefully those are addressed with time as well.

What I cannot reconcile however is how the player base has been treated in respect to the ToC, report meta and the lack of clarification and education that is so needed with suspensions and bans.

While I will respectfully wait for hotfixes or patches in relation to bugs being reported with the advent of 3.0, I cannot in good faith play the game and continue to open my wallet while the future of my play on official servers is at risk due to the way that the aforementioned issues have been handled.


I understand! I’m not blind to the fact that many of the problems people are running into have to do with official servers and PvP. Admittedly, I never have these issues because I play exclusively in my own sandbox as single player, private server. It’s not so much what people say as how they say it. Your above statement is a perfect example of constructive criticism and feedback. Thanks for that! :slight_smile:


I wish I could play but Microsoft store players have the completely wrong update and are unable to connect to servers. I love conan exiles and like a lot of aspect of the update, but they really should have tested it more.
If no one complains in some form then the devs won’t know which direction to take the game. Atleast when people speak up they can understand what need to be done first.
I agree complaining for the sake of complaining is not going to help but general bug reports and opinions on aspect of the game will only enlighten the devs on major problem.

Alot of people are unable to follow suit because of the state of the game right now.


Same old story, people want the product they purchased to work.

Would be lovely to just go play, if only the game weren’t falling the cluck apart.

This one is not grateful for a broken update that left the game in a horrific state on the platform they play.
What hilarity encourages people to bend over backwards, kissing feet for something that doesn’t work? Are the Emperor’s new clothes really that beautiful?
Even the monetization is unpolished, with the Sandstone 2 set advertising a build piece that isn’t even in that bundle.

This one will stop complaining when the product works as well as it did before the update.
This one will show appreciation when the product is better than it was before the update.

If this were some free to play labour of love, there would be much more understanding. But this is a professionally developed game…
and yet…
Perpetual crash cycles, the path to the new feature leading to an insta kill location because it was mapped under the mesh; monsters, entire building sets, and thralls in particular gear being rendered invisible; and in some cases buildings constructed with build pieces from paid DLCs are reduced to the same salvage bags that stored pieces were are all features we get to enjoy.

This is a product that cost money.
If it does not work as advertised, the merchants behind it should have their feet put to the proverbial fire (this one does not condone actually setting lesser grades of fraudsters aflame or otherwise cooking long pork, nor raw long pork as a food item for that matter).
If one paid extra for more features and those features are stripped away, one has every right to be upset and voice it in every channel available.

The state of release for this update, on several platforms, is unacceptable.


Honestly I know I can be a bit salty sometimes.

In truth I really don’t have much to complain about. Because at the end of the day as long as I had someone to tell a story with that’s all that mattered to me.

I maybe one of the very few if any at all, to simply give the honest reason as to why I even bought this game in the first place.

Some may not like me saying this but not trying to ruffle feathers here.

I never once bought this game…for the games content or lore behind it. Just being honest. When I first say this game being played it was in it’s early stages still and it was being streamed by a lovely person that went by the name Metamancer on Twitch.

I had been playing on IMVU as a simple roleplayer in a 2d universe chat room and runing my own dev shop and simply creating my own content for that roleplay of interesting. I was all text rp then. But then…the world of roleplay changed for me when I saw Conan Exiles being streamed for my first time.

I was like oh hell yeah, this is it, a 3d world to give a voice to your character, no more dots to choose from it’s all smooth and flowing. I was immediate sold as a person that likes to roleplay and build my environment for my world.

So when I play this game. admittedly I am never playing conan exiles. When I log in I"m logging into a 3d world, with the use of mods that allow me to be more creative and make my own world to enjoy and play in with other people OR for that matter join others.

I mostly just get frustrated when the modders have to deal with what it is they deal with. Because at the end of the day, I would like to see the modding community specifically to get more appreciation and acknowledgement, perhaps even rewards fro their influence that has made me continually interested to stay directly.

I’m not talking about game dev’s. They do what they do it’s about money I get it. very creative concepts. I can’t say more than that really.

I have over: 10,763.2 hours on this gaming world. That should show how much I appreciate the access to this 3d environment. I do hope that continues and I do thank the modding community especially for what they do.


Sorry but I can´t take any of this threads serious right now. Too many fake accounts poping up in this forum, trying so hard to put the critical voices down in favor of Funcom and Tencent so they can go through with their rediculous prices, bugs and nonsense changes that came with the update.

Its a little too obvious that certain persons do pop up the minute the criticism starts and do not partisipate in other discussion in the forum except the bazar and battleplass threads or the ones that have too much criticsm in it so they feel the need to step in to tell everyone they are wrong. As if the criticsm would then miraculously go away.

Let me say this. A lot of people are realists. We live in a world where we don´t throw our money out of the window for nothing. We are old enough to understand the value of an online item versus a realife item. We don´t sugarcoat things. We don´t pay for overpriced stuff and say its ok. That doesn´t mean we do not apprechiate the game or the good things that have be done by Funcom. But we do hold both companies accountable for their words and their actions. And if they try to moneygrab us, we do not shovel it under the rug. We don´t buy the Dlc´s sales weren´t enough because hundred of thousends of people have bought the game and most everything else too with leads every person with a little bit of mathematical brain to the conclusion that Funcom made several hundred millions so far. More money then other companies will get for their work. And their work is equally good.

There comes a time where things get weird, when a company always says we do not make enough money, we need to 1000% raise prices, while they released dlc´s over dlc´s with great success. Something is not adding up here.


Thanks as well.

My qualms are not everyone’s situation of course. We’ve been afforded many choices in how we can play the game.

I think most are frustrated by the level of which the game is temporarily near-to unplayable. I’ve spent a small amount of time in a playthrough compared to others and had already came up against too many bugs, so I am deciding to wait it out. Give them space to fix it.

For some this game is but a distraction, some it is a reprieve. There are many communities that get together to enjoy the game and each others company. For some, this game is a means of making an income or the stepping stones to show their abilities for a potential career. So in all, while some may say “it is just a game”, while true, is also an extension of their life I suppose you can say.

I know for myself in the past 2 years I have met so many wonderful and interesting people. I talk to them daily now even though they’re all over the world. If it were not for Conan, I wouldn’t have met them. They enrich my life.

So just another layer as to why people may be frustrated. Some express their emotions aggressively and others with seething patience lol


To the OP: do you not have headspace for disappointment?

Imagine waiting all summer for the new ride at Kings Island, after it’s been delayed for five years. You go to the park, but instead of one line, there’s two. And on the way there’s merch you can buy. Over in the shorter line, the people get their merch for free. Almost everything else is mundane, normal even. Just as you’re going over the first hill you actually begin to relax, then all of a sudden the ride freezes.

People should be allowed to be disappointed without having it chalked up to flaws in human nature.




I hear your point, Barnes. But it’s not to the people who are having a hard time with a non-functioning game or a massive bug infestation that I addressed this topic. It’s to the people who are complaining about the FEATURES the Devs have created, i.e. the build system, the challenges, the sorcery. These were all choices that were made to move the game along, to evolve it. And personally, I think all three of these mentioned are improvements.

I am NOT going to debate with anyone why they should not be disappointed if their game does not work. I am on their side. Let the vitriol flow until Funcom fixes everything.

I just wish that those who clamor for game evolution and more content would not be so negative about everything all the time.


I do get that, really I do. However I’ve been around long enough to have seen, and even said this myself: “What’s the point of all that flair and glamor if the basic systems are now broken?”

In other words, new features at great cost (or even that perception) intensifies the player’s grief and provides a focal point. My interest in speaking up is to both support my friends, and to disarticulate the corpse of the dissatisfied customer. I appreciate your response, @Ambriah!


So, Winthor, you think I’m a corporate plant? Haha! Just because I appreciate the Devs and love the game? Yes, it’s true, I am a new member of this forum. I signed up just the other day. But I assure you I am no one’s lackey. I have an opinion about this game. For a longer explanation, I started playing again back in March. I play about 30 hours a week. I found out early on about the 3.0 update, and I remember what happened to me before, back in 2019. I had a heavily modded game, with lots of mod placeables and build pieces. When I came back after that update, many of my buildings were like Swiss cheese. I just couldn’t bear to rebuild them, so I quit the game. When I started back up again this time, well aware of the 3.0 update, I didn’t make the same mistake. I used three mods: Immersive Armors, Fashionist, and the one that gives you a compass and a day/night meter. So, when 3.0 launched and I logged in, the only problem I had to fix was having a few naked thralls to reclothe with non-mod armor.

In any event, this is my story. It is why I have been able to enjoy 3.0 this weekend, with all it’s new features and fun. I get that this is not everyone’s experience, and I sympathize. I just wanted to be a positive voice, to share MY experience in the sea of sorrow that has been this forum since September 1st.


I can definitively say that Ambriah is most definitely not a Corporate plant! The very idea is absurd! And I know this because she paid me $20.00 to say she wasn’t!




Uh-oh too far? :grimacing:

(of course, I was joking)


Gratitude for the clarification.

The part that stuck in this one’s craw was:

Perhaps you see how this could be seen as a “Let them eat cake” moment.

This one sees now that it was not intended as such, so mirthful rejoiner and best wishes.


I disagree to this part if you may! The only who rules this forum is the @Community, the rest are players giving feedback!
Negative or positive, it’s feedback! Good comments, bad comments, they are all necessary! I do agree that ego prevails to lots of posts which is easy to be guided to negativity, since our ego do not allow us to see clearly, but we are human beings carrying many problems and lots of times we loose trails here! Hopefully, Community is there to put us back on trails!

This update changed a lot! So confusion and frustration is obviously present! I believe that in a couple weeks things will be again more positive in here! I am tired too, to read complaints, especially inaccurate, but this is it, feel free to participate or ignore! If you participate however always remember the most helpful words from the rule set!
Agree even if you disagree!

I know it’s difficult, but if by accident your English are not enough you will end up with stones on your head. A lot of players pvp in here and not necessarily pvp players!
Try to embrace it with friendly love, because in the bottom line that’s what we really are here, friends, with good days and bad, with agreements and disagreements!

Welcome friend @Ambriah, try to take it easy on me because my English sucks, you will read a lot of Greeklish sentences, feel free to correct me :blush:.
I love positivity.
I love friendly talk.
I love providing feedback
I love help others
I love to be helped
I love this forum!
I hope you’ll love it too!


I think what many people don’t realize is how unique their situations actually are. I don’t know how big FC’s internal Q&A team is. It exists, I know its at least a few from what I’ve been able to see. The beta testing team was a few dozen. And testlive averaged about 300-400 a day, peaking at 800.

There’s hundreds of thousands of players playing every day. They’re going to have experiences that are different from one another. For me I play on singleplayer and on a modded server. I’ve not had any game breaking bugs. At least none caused by Funcom (had some server provider issues unrelated to the patch).

I have seen some bugs since 3.0 was released. For example, if you hit a stone node with a pick and then punch it, chunks will come off of it like its being picked. But you do no real damage and you get no resources. If you hit it with a pick, it breaks like normal and you get full resources until its depleted like normal.

Not exactly a game breaking bug, and one that Q&A missed and one that we missed while beta testings and in testlive. I mean who the hell thinks about punching a node after picking it? I found it randomly when my pick broke after the first swing on a node and kept clicking and noticed chunks coming off. I could have easily never found it. It could have been someone else.

There was another bug that was mostly visual too that I found, but I won’t give details about it, since I am unsure if it can be seen by players other than the one doing it and I don’t trust this community enough not to troll with it. Its been reported though, so once its fixed I’ll share details if someone reminds me. Got a funny screenshot.

The point is, you cannot catch bugs under specific conditions when those conditions can be 100,000x different from each other. And even ‘common’ bugs don’t always have quick solutions. Believe me, you all can see this for yourselves in the devkit. There’s not a spreadsheet in that thing that says:

This Bug Y/N
That Bug Y/N

And you simply click no to fix the bug. If it was that easy, there would be no bugs.

So when a bug isn’t fixed on a release day, chances are they don’t know how to reproduce the bug, they are working on the bug, they don’t how to fix the bug yet, or in some cases, there is a problem on the user side of things.

This idea of fake accounts and corporate plants is ridiculous. That costs more than simply fixing issues. That is irrational thinking. Like literal see a social worker or doctor level of crazy talk. If you honestly believe that, and are not simply being sarcastic and facetious, then seek help, seriously. Speak to a professional about exactly what you think is going and they will let you know what you need to do. Otherwise, how are you all helping your own situations? Seriously? Insulting people who are actually enjoying the game? What kind of jealousy do you all have that would make you want to do that?

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Oh, no way, Crompox. My first emoji was actually :kissing_heart: but I thought THAT was going too far. As I’ve said, positivity is my jam, and humor goes hand-in-hand with that!

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