Racist comments in game chat that aren't part of the game

How about you suck it up and realize that being online gives people the freedom to express themselves in whichever way they want, which may not be up to your morally high standards. If you don’t like it then mute them, or leave. If you’re so emotionally damaged by what someone says online you need to take a really hard look at how you see yourself and your life, you aren’t as important as you clearly think you are, then again neither are any of us. We’re all in this together, everyone is different and just because you don’t like what someone says doesn’t give YOU the right to silence them.


I’m guessing you don’t understand the trash that some people spout. It’s not about ‘freedom of expression’ when people start to get very toxic, or very personal, or when things start to turn into harassment.

There’s a saying about freedom: “The freedom to swing your fist ends at the bridge of my nose.” I don’t want to hear anybody saying damaging things about my race, or anybody elses’ race. People should be free to say what they want, so long as it’s not meant to harm other people.

I will tell somebody to STFU if they go into bad territory, and if that doesn’t stop them, then it comes time to silence them. There are basic restrictions on freedom that make it so that we can collectively be more free. That’s what separates freedom from tyranny. Freedom is the freedom of the masses. Tyranny is the freedom of the few.

We’re really not talking about ‘morally high standards’ here, it’s just basic decency to not be a racist, sexist, or toxic jerk.


Internet tough guys will be internet tough… I get a laugh out of it sometimes because they obviously don’t have the stones to do it on the street, so watch out interwebs!!! :blush:

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For the love of god mute em in VC and move on. This millennial world we live in everyone has gotten so limp wristed its insane. “He called me a saltine…”

Toughen up cheese poof…

Or move to a server where participation ribbons and emotional support dogs are supported…


Call the police, don’t call FunCom.

Difference is that funcom isnt legally liable for player to player interactions as per the EULA. But here on the boards they have some liability.

I’ve never heard this as the origin of the term. Totally makes sense. This definitely falls under the category of “learn something new everyday”. Thanks for that.

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In the space of a day, cracker went from “mildly amusing” to pretty offensive. Wow. Thanks!

No problem!
I believe people should understand the origin of the insults they’re hurling (or receiving). Too often do you see people using words that they do not understand.

I’m sorry, but I have to agree with ThePostalDude on this one. I can see regulating chat here in the forums, but online in game is another matter. If you don’t like the speech, make and run your own server. the option is there. And so is solo play. And in addition to that, there are private servers out there where there is active administration. I know, I’ve been on a couple.

The options are there. Use them.

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Racism, bigotry, male chauvinism, overexposed masculinity and patriarchy, slavery, cannibalism, rape and prostitution are all part of Conan lore. Before you’ll start complaining about those things. Im not playing a filthy barbarian to “bow to thee my fair lady”.


Neither is Conan.



You thought it meant they thought you ate Saltines or RITZ?

One sure fire way to stop to racist comments in chat is to crush their heads repeatedly …
and keep on doing it until they quit or stop, or both.

Chew on that a while.
Think it over …
and just do it.

This problem could be solved pretty quickly if the mute button actually worked funcom.

Maybe, but that won’t stop them.
Punishment will.

Don’t be silly, it is not a safe space for racial bigots, we all know the words cracker and ni**** would not be ever muttered in the conan universe but probably derogatory insults based on the races in the lore like telling a k u s h i t e to go back in their mudhut and play with their primitive spears or tell a nordheimer to to cut his thin blonde hair, makes him look like a bit**. if I ever see someone use these words way too much such as ni**** and cracker or hell chi** (because I don’t really cry over it I will tolerate it myself) I will report them and band together with any players to attack their ingame home and constantly kill them because people do feel uncomfortable after too much of this real stuff and they use the game as an escape. we as a community around the world must make sure that this game can stay enjoyable for all. People can disagree with some of what I am saying but I am far from an sjw or politically correct but pride myself in giving some normal respect to everyone.


I can agree, I just hope the fanbase doesn’t die because of a small usage of words.

“Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”
- Conan the Cimmerian

Need anymore be said? While I agree people should be free to say and do as they please, I also hold the opinion that if one is free to act, the other is free to re-act.

As an aside: Calling someone an “N” isn’t racist. Racism is the condemnation of an entire race as being inferior to one’s own. “N” also comes from Classical Latin, meaning “black”.

Can it be used in a derogatory manner? Of course. But in my experience, those that cry about the wolves too often, are soon banned from leaving the house.


You can do one of three things. Tell your admins and demand they do something about that. Find an RP reason to make their lives miserable (only works on pvp and building damage one). Leave and join my RP server pernicious lands. I wont put up with that (expletive deleted). I dont even allow people arguing in global, you take that (expletive deleted)to local or discord.

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