Devs please take the time to read exploit

Many people from server 1930 have sent in tickets time and time again, all of us have paid for this game and many of us have come from other games. We joined a pve server for one reason, so we build our bases tame and have fun not deal with 1 tribe who constantly exploits and now somehow can build over peoples places when they are not even decayed. They are surrounding every oblesk checke shattered springs it is all walled off so people cant farm. People now have to remove bracelets and die and cant teleport .
Then today they changed there tribe name to death to american and death to all foreigners.

You have everyone on the server sending in ticket, posting everything to remove this 2 player tribe for 2 months now and nothing is being done except a hatred for the game and nonstop fighting. They relish the fact they are making people quit. Is that what this game is about now a game where a tribe can let loose and see how many people they can ruin the game for cause last time i checked video games are suppose to be fun. Why dont i go to unoffical simple why should i go? its saying funcom allows anything to happen on there server cheaters exploiters, haters everything . You are willing to let 2 people ruin it for 40 plus new players who join everyday and then ask for how to get a refund because they feel this is offical so all officals are like this. Vote on a tribe to watch the server if u have to many of us are regulars and play 100 hours a week. You have one whole server against 1 tribe whose daily function is to get as many people to quit and sprout hatred. People play for fun, people play for therapeutic reasons we all have reasons but doing nothing and letting one tribe on 1930 which is ruining it for so many people just isnt what gaming is about . World of warcraft and many games listen to the people thats how you become great allowing this behavior and cheating. Isnt like i said checked shattered springs check bridge of betrayer cause within today they will probably change there name to another horrible meaning. This is happening on alot of offical servers it needs to stop.

We all lose in the end we lose a amazing game you lose profit and you lose loyal players who will stick with you to the end.


i second this, and sign it. that group of two player are having xenophobic behavior i do expect action is taken. they are using the game to promote extermination of people from others regions…


palm521 (steam) Antonio. at server #1930

Basa / Saber (they keep changing their name) Have harassed other Chinese players off the server with constant block-ins, they’ve now made map-quick-jump points worthless as they’ve blocked them in and made them useless / made people lose their things. worse still they kill off as much res on the map as they can and leave as many ‘buildings’ as they can to claim up as much land as possible.

They are unberable… I agree with everything the OP said.

Signed; 진 (steam) Hyojin - Server #1930

I fear building around certain areas on a map isnt exploiting. Its griefing at its finest. Cant do anything against them. :confused:

Though if it happens at that scale, why not post screenshots while showing their stuff? Like how they harass the whole map. Maybe they will be able to ban these two players using their steam ids? I know, namecalling is bad. But at that point?
Because thats a whole other level than your casual griefers…

I also second this, The situation in this case is out of both proportion and control. This clan has literally sealled off major areas of the map and is hunting every little node of ressources possible, only to place a ■■■■■■■■ foundation on it to keep anyone from ever farming it… THIS IS PVE<< NOT PVP. something must be done.
As OP said, Is it the goal of it? for every new player popping in to ask on global chat how to get the game refunded?

Natasha, you claim to be community orriented mostly, please listen to this very community as 1930 is far from being the only server with that problem.
We need a system of moderation in game, wheter its community driven or funcom driven. If you guys cant spare the money for people doing this, then do like many other games and give players an election system for players of each server to decide who the admin is. Make election once every month if need be to make sure he dosnt go inactive. (just throwing ideas)
This way you are sure the person elected is trustworthy since majority would not have picked him up.


so i suppose i can post pictures here? if so i will do later today.

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Funcom doesn’t moderate in game.

So you can complain all you want here, post all the pictures you want…doesn’t matter…nothing will be done.

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Just report them on Steam. Steam will ban them from all steam games, they sound like exactly the type of trash that needs to be banned from the internet in general.


This is all really concerning, I have already reported this on Steam and I also EXPECT Funcom to do something about this! “Death to american and all foreign” as a clan name, then call people racist in global chat is a SERIOUS infraction to me!

I will be also looking for appropriate online services and institutions to do something about this and will be forced to also accuse Funcom, as host of the service, to not take any action. As the op have said this is not the first time someone has reported those players, they have been reported over and over since the launch. These two started causing harassment a long long time ago and Funcom has not done ANYTHING

The damage is already done, several players have already left, some are considering to leave, Im pretty sure many negative reviews were made, I just hope Funcom does something to stop it from becoming even worse. 1930 is not the only server going through this, I would dare to say similar people are present in every official PvE server, why would Funcom offer “official” servers and market this when they have absolute no control/influence about whats happening in their own game? They need to take responsability about this and implement tools to stop outrages like this.

They have always stated they refuse to moderate and help people on official servers,am so sorry,but they will do nothing :frowning:

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So what this player has basically done, is surround the entire brimstone lake obelisk, with a massive walls, and is now closing in the entire brimstone lake. they have blocked access to most of the entrances to the well of skelos, and only through heroic effort was one last way saved for the server. my friends and i are already, ready to quit, and also NEVER buy a funcom game again. these are people who bought a lot of your games. take heed. this is completely unacceptable. it would take one guy a day maybe to police 50 servers. banning and smashing excrement that is egregious. were not talking little blockages, but massive game ending stuff.

i didnt know what their characters stood for, but if it actually means what Astriela said, then they need to be permabanned.

considering they are posting signs death to americans and foreigners that is something that should not be allowed in any game its promoting hatred and also against the law.

Not only this Kaesa… they have always tried to ruin the server. Blocking the main entrance to the North map, boxing peoples base, exploit and loot peoples bodies, etc… MANY players have already quit because of those two.

Tonight the OP started a open dialog with one of them, in chinese, using a translator. He openly said their intention is to SCREW THE SERVER, thats right Funcom, they openly declared their goal is to make the server unplayable, blocking all obelisks and important access points so EVERY PLAYER leaves! Everything is registered in screenshots

If funcom allows something like this, from a clan named “Death to americans and all foreign” Im also done with this game and any other Funcom title.

Of course every game has trolls and people who like to cause issues but this is differnt. We play the games to escape some of the harsh moralities i n the real world now they are taking to online gaming to promote and scare people. Shouldnt have to be scared hide your friends list etc and be worried in something that is suppose to be fun and conan is fun. If funcom allows this tribe to continue with there actions they are basically giving a place for people of hate to go and preach and take away one place players can go and escape

This genre as a whole, attracts trolls, greifers, and other people of the sort. Anything short of having one designated area to build a base will continue to allow this style of play.

no what attracts them is the lack of action from whom is the developer of the game, places like obelisk must NEVER be allowed to build, as well as forbidding blocking main dungeons etc… if they did not implemented those controls to avoid blocking important locations., then. funcom needs to correct it, at least should be considered as a bug. that needs fixing.

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Having an area around and entrance or obelisk just means that they would have to build the barrier out further. There was a server where a group called completely cut off the bottom of the map making it so that new players to the server were never able to make it to the river in order to get water. All new players would die of thirst. Whether it’s blocking an obelisk, dungeon entrance, or resources… it’s all the same, and that’s not going to change.
Funny how we complain about these things happening in game but that’s just real world business. :smile:

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Are the devs actually going to do something they are building around p[eoples bases so they cant even leave.

they are calling people white trash… the wholse server will be abandonded thanks to two people…

i understand funcom cant police , but allowing people to builkd in certain areas, must be considered as a bug…

there are LAWS in some countries that forbids racism behavior and if the authorities believe an official server , racism is allowed, then… your game might get blacklisted. for allowing a space that promotes hate, and racisms. just saying…