At what point do the devs care about the players or is it all about $


Before you say it , I wont go to unoffical servers and i like the game so why leave. The point is for months we have watched a tribe on 1930 named saber do everything to ruin the game. They now can build over top peoples buildings, lastnight they didnt even move and yet placed over 1000 walls. They blocked the oblesk so when you teleport in your stuck there till you die and they loot you. Player after player have sent in ticket and the devs have done nothing is that what this game is about now there is no support?

So every trolls and everyone who loves to cheat can do what they want while honest and good players quit the game . Your willing to lose loyalty over exploiting? Our server always had 40 people now its half because this tribe is breaking every rule possible and no matter how many tickets we send in no matter how many posts the devs just dont care.

You have such amazing game but its customer support that makes people stay its what draws people in you want people to send in exploits why? you dont stop the players doing them. Games like ark are failing because devs do nothing its thank you for the 50.00 now your on your own good luck. Willing to lose good player after good player just to keep a few of the bad ones? word of mouth is the biggest advertising its how wow made it big and stays on top plus they listen to the players. Your given the server whats going on the tribe name and your given screenshots what else more do you need dont you think a whole server of players sending in tickets shows there is a problem? So now blocking and walling resources after purges we cant get materials to refix our bases, we cant teleport cause we will be stuck and noone finds that a problem . All because one tribe named saber is being alllowed to run it. thanks for your time offical 1930

devs i know you dont care but check shattered springs and u will see exactly what i mean.

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