Attention Joel Bylos please donot remove very serious

Dear sir we on pve offical server have been sending tickets in for over a month. There is a tribe which was named basa then changed to saber then changed to death to Americans then death to foreigners.

Not only have the blocked the oblesks, so u have to take off your bracelet and die to leave when you teleport in but they have placed signs signs all over saying death to americans they say rape everything that in the real world would make you sick. They are building around peoples bases so they cant leave, blocking bridges, everything to make people quit and today they sat in channel saying they wanna bomb people. I love this game i find it great and yes there are trolls but this tribe is gone above and beyond some of us are vets and became disabled fighting for our country. We can leave offical but why thats running away from your problems but this tribe needs to go everyone on the server have sign s forums over and over but posting signs about death rape calling white people pigs etc is something i have never ever seen in a video game this is a pve offical server please send a dev to talk to us in global. Also finding peoples emails and emailing them etc enough is enough this tribe needs to be banned.,

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