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This may be deleted, it isn’t about a sermon or crying the blue. There is no need to say play unofficial because basically official is unofficial. Conan is fun, good story content, some great people , graphics etc and it’s been along time since a good game came out.

For over 2 months players on official have asked devs through tickets, phone-calls etc asking for help. The response is we don’t offer support on official. We play pve cause we like building etc and not have the drama that is on pvp. People play cause they are disabled , have medical issues or to escape the bs in rl. Some like me play cause we are in pain 24/7 this takes mind off it.

What we don’t do is play because like a tribe here on offical pve 1930 wake up and decide what can i do to make players quit, what can i say that breaks all moral standards . In 30 years gaming i have seen trolls , you get used to it. But never in my life have i seen a tribe cheat,exploit, put up signs saying the most horrible horrific things to upset people, see how many players they can make quit , turn a great game into poop. But it takes 2 sides, yes we don’t have to buy the game but no where was it posted there be no support from funcom. To make matters worse even the devs have said so many things not true, yes we will get them gone, yes we hear you, yes we saw and so forth.

Gaming is about having fun, making friends, doing what you love. Funcom doesnt care about the players, they ask for help with exploits and many of us have spent countless hours finding issues to fix the game make it better. You dont log in everyday seeing signs kill americans, 911 towers go boom boom etc. Funcom didnt even have the respect to remove the signs, players like myself and others removed them so it wouldnt affect people. Over 60 people have quit the game due to the tribe saber. They rather keep 2 people who no offense are the meanest ,heartless sick individuals. Response one side is we have thousands of servers , other side says dont worry we will fix it. Oblesks are blocked, areas now have foundations with exploits that there stuff will never decay and so forth. I shouldn’t have to go to a private server, or unofficial . The world has enough bs going on people play a game to escape how harsh it is and for a company to allow people like this to promote hate well very wrong. It would take the devs 5 minutes to remove all there bases to show enough is enough. To post on main page this is not tolerated. its not the devs who keep the game going its the players and there loyalty. The sick individuals who cause so much hate will leave if put in a corner., All this has done is allowed more hate being shown . Lose a family member to 911 see how it feels, lose a family member to iraq, wake up everyday to having lost body parts and maybe just maybe you guys will get a clue why people are so angry and so upset. They love the game and alot about it but so mad you guys dont give a poop.

People have offered to become moderators, offer help , give ideas so this wouldnt happen. To stop hate being spewed in global and u dont even have blocking work. Anyways my apologies to my friends and others sorry for the long post. But it is not sad its ashamed that people like this exist in the real world and are allowed to come into a game that suppose to be your time away from it and the makers, the devs etc dont do crap. Past month seen a great number of people quit, some people so hurt cause they cant fathom how alot of this is allowed. here is a tip to funcom… When u have loyal players mistakes can happen people may hmm and haww and be mad but in the end they will back you cause they know you respect you. But sure damn hard knowing that people died , people have fought for there country and to this company it means nothing. No need to flame, like i said conan is a great game easy to put hundreds of hours, but it is not a place nor should it be a breeding ground for people who hate.

If you want to see the meaning of hate pve-offical 1930 tribe name saber…


So is ridding the world of hate coming out as a DLC pack or included in sticker price? I agree that some tweaks may be needed to eliminate some of these issues but you may need thicker skin or the solving world hunger update coming out in November.


Lucifer .,. Great name love the show. I humbly ask you to seriously try a private server. having a server with active admins and an active owner makes a vast difference in your enjoyment. I know I have players on my server that stay on because I am active and my admins active. And yes we are a pvp server.

while i really appreciate the offer and you sound sincere i don’t do pvp, i enjoy building and not worrying about my stuff being destroyed. But thank you , you sound sincere tomorrow one of the players actually has a meeting with her congressman about what has gone on here. She lost her father during 911 and her brother in iraq.

lucifer1, iam a veteran. i defended the constitution. having your friend go see a congressman about online trolls defeats the purpose of the 2nd amendment. you do know you can mute and block others. you do know if their are signs you can not go seek them out. you dont like pvp, yet you dont understand how hard it is to destroy a base.

my suggestion is this. go start your own server pay the 10 to 20 bucks a month and invite your friends from the official server and then lock, the, server. talking to congress to snub a basic human right because you cant stand the trolls online is just pure crap. straight up.

you do realize the terrorists win if you wanna throw around the facts he died on 9/11 and her brother in iraq? you think my fellow soldier would agree with you about the trolls? you know how many of my brothers would eat you alive cause you dare suggest the fact of snubbing the 2nd amendment?

go buy your own personal server. invite your friends. lock it. set your own rules. and youtube if you have any questions.


btw if you can destroy a sign on that server you can destroy their base.

ex vet 27 years, i agree with 1st and 2nd amendment , she is upset and i can understand that. Trolls are trolls but these aren’t trolls. I think i know what you mean about if u destroy sign u can destroy base, but if it is way i am thinking it would take along long time.

Noob river is for non raiders.
On my server.

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