I see grumpy people

lots of complaining.
many of those frustrations are just but so many are not.
I think this game is awesome.

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after the pet update we get huge lags and spikes, servers got huge lag evrey day, one can w8 for how long? it is normal it is human nature, you got a problem and you reported, after more then a month is not fix you will get frustrated when this problem is there evrey day. :slight_smile:
I think this community is to nice to this project, not being able to play for 4 weeks was a killer for other games.

I see grumpy people too, but I also see a lot of servers that are mainly full and have consistent, regular, happy players.

I always wonder why a lot of the private servers see high populations of players, whilst the official ones yo-yo. You don’t say what style of play you do? PvP, PvE, RolePlay, Modded?

I vote with my feet. If I do not like Solo, I play on a group server. If I like PvP and keep finding servers overrun with expoiters and cheats, I move on. I do the same if a server is too quiet, that’s my choice.

There are a number of PvP servers, either Official or Private, that have consistent quality play. Same with PvE and half 'half ones. There are also a lot of great modded private servers that are actively Admin’d.

Of course, if I really, really hated the stunning combat styles, movement, buildability, general look, high resolution, realism of the game, I am sure I would move on to one of the other world games - but so far, for me, nope :smiley:

Seek and ye shall find. :slight_smile:

You miss understand. What is the point of all this if the Official server you play PVP PVE lags spikes and goes offline 3 to 4 times evrey day?
What is the point of all this nice world if when you pass next to a base that has 100000 thrals and 100000 pets you fps drop to 20 ?
As you describe Conan is so cool on pictures and paper but in reality it has become unplayable in some time of day (evrey day, and i prove you with post of servers going down 4 times a day in last month). At the end of the day this is a business i buy the game so i can relax 1h a day and have fun. And they get money out of this ( do not proceed this as a favor to you. you pay for that software. Remember that !

Well, have you tried any of the many private servers? I play on private because I there is stuff on official servers I do not like. I also like some mods. Again, this is what private offers. Sometimes I, and others on the server I am on, more than several hours at a time without any issues: lagging, rebooting, etc. I have no issue connecting and, as it is modded, only issues when a mod is updated and we have to wait on an Admin to update, etc.
I have a number of games. Many I have played and put up with online issues. The ones I am not happy with, I move on to others that are better. I like the Conan genre and therefore make a point of finding a server that suits me.
I went to a film the on Friday. It lasted about 160min. It cost me 45.00. The cinema got that money. I have over 2k hours on Conan Exiles and do not see myself stopping anytime soon. It is a shame that many people are not able to find the right match with whatever game they like, and I wish them the best in finding their own solution.

I read the OP to the melody of “What a wonderful world”… it nearly fits.


It’s an awesome game with a ton of problems for a lot of players. Yeah, you’re going to see grumpy people 9 months post release. It’s only natural to expect something you paid money for to work right and get grumpy when 9 months later it still doesn’t.


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