Game on official servers becasme barely or almost unplayable

i wish report that after chapter 2 patch game on officals is almost uplayable.
-Thralls exping and play with them is non-exist thanks to game responds caused by lags, only action you can do with thralls is place them as they was catch and leave them for defense
-Base interiors and often followers missing, and load after few and with 10+ players after couple of minutes
-NPC in camps react if we have luck or not react, just aggro for moment and reset becasue they unable to move, and after knock them down or kill, their body react after a moment

That radical lag situation happen on server #1000 when there is around 10 people online, but simmiliar happen in younger ones.

For now all what is left to enjoy game i play on single player mode.

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promice was wait 5 weeks after our hotfix destroyed ur gameplay, we know what we did and what chaused it, and alot people lost theyr build items and servers, u cant even join ur server anymore cuz since the age update ur not be able to even join the DLC u have payed for… plus inventing bugs and sell thost the people as feature, like the shackled wall, living thrall in death trall out, and laugh about that, …

sorry to say form my side no more Money into this game untill ur back to the root it was to more conan lore, more conan, and lesse asia grind stupid AI NPC crap coingraves, give the game story give it lore, wich it lacks atm and look whay most of the people dont play vanilla but modded servers instead… there is areason why it is like this, its because the lead Designer has no vision and dosent know a glimpse of the conan lore… u dont need to invent new stuff, u just need to insert the lore, wich howard wrote down on the chimerian world, and the 100drets of hours thought put into the mods what this game was lacking, the only thing u need to do is grab this goldmine and make it to money but not this way not with this age crap not with this battle pass crap not with this overpriced Basser crap… i buyed everything from this game since the beginning but now iam on a point i say STOP HERE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH if u want to kill the game no more coins from my side, i was fine with the DLCs, is was find with the bugfixing, but inventing new bugs and sell them in bazzar as feature is a slap into every paying customer, and u diednt hold ur promise, wich i waited weeks for nothing, the new age is out and instead a crashing server ,i now cant even join my server anymore… thats enough slaps into the face of buying customers, and u sayed it urself nothing is more bad then players loosing evrything, now thell me how u save all the stuff for playser that now cant even join theyr servers and everything starts decaying not defendet robbed down to rubble tell me… we dont need lametta guys in office, we need people with the main job is to fix bugs test them out instead of inserting more bugs, and killing the modderscene…!

yep, i play single (for testing) - its almost different game
smth wrong with game coding (net code) especially… =(

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