3 days of glory and then

Yes sorry in advance guys it is just another of these threads.

3 days straight the server functioned. No lag whatsoever. Thralls were functioning, we slayed both bosses and other players my thrall and I. NPCs worked, me and my friends new to conan went for some dungeons and had a blast. Purges working coming in wave by wave. And so on.

PvP encounters I could rely on my tools, skillset and tactics.

And then suddenly the next day, insane lags. Thralls dont work. PvP becomes a teleport and swing fiesta putting me at the same level as a toddler smashing the keyboard (goes for everyone), thralls just stand still taking hits and dying, vaults not responding with invisible items and dungeons giving poor first impressions to the new players on my server because teleports and mannequin NPCs. To make things worse, our planned raid was cancelled because everything was literally not working. Orbs bounced on R click, you couldn’t even burn a single wall.

You can feel how great this game is when things actually work. Effort needs to be put on bugfixes and server stability. Please funcom, I love your ideas of expansions and more functions in the game but you need to heavyweight all these gamebreaking issues first!


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