So many problems on Xbox

So I have enjoyed and played Conan Exiles for quite a long time and eventually you just get used to little annoying bugs and stuff that never get fixed, because that just comes with Conan. Just part off the experience lol. But my point is, I’m a fan. I own the game on multiple platforms, all the DLC as well. Again, big fan.

But now, after buying on Xbox, I’m ready to submit for a refund for being unplayable online. Like if my game doesn’t just shutdown, and that’s if, then we get to deal with thralls not healing. This is pretty close to game breaking for solo players. If my thralls can’t heal, they have zero chance in purge or boss encounters. They die while looking for other thralls, it’s annoying, genuinely game breaking.

CE, I love you. I’ve purchased multiple times, played for thousands of hours across different platforms, favorite survival game. When it’s playable. Fix it. Freaking fix it. Fix the crashes, fix the thralls healing, FIX IT.

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