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so after a long time of playing only to keep my base alive, and not really active i came back to this game with the hopes that FINALLY many bugs are fixed, and with the new update thralls finally bringing fun to the game… boy i was wrong. what bothers me the most is that i still expect this game to be playable at some point… why do i keep my hopes up?

  1. game crashing: been playing for 2 days now and had 2times crashes when starting the game. multiple times, had to load singleplayer for the online mode to work… WTF?!? this bug was there month or years ago, how can it not be fixed??? and additionally a crash after playing 20min…

  2. enemies teleporting after engaging a fight with them, especially werewolfs in the den, but it can be every mob like skeletons in the unnamed city. or just not responding and not taking dmg just to appear right behind you and hitting you already while you cant see them…

  3. thrall bugging under the map while fighting dragons in unnamed city, MORE than once

  4. settings not saving like the aim sensitivity with a bow or nudity. WHY?? its always on maximum after reload.

  5. we still have no folders in building manu? we have to scroll for over a minute to get to the buttom on xbox … and i dont even have all dlcs

  6. missing building parts in building styles… we have one dlc with inverted staircase corner, why not for every building style? i need that one. walls with 2 insides for rooms in a building? why not? are youj too lazy for new stuff so you just put a new colour on it and sell it for 10€?

  7. you bring a new update for the thralls, and NOTHING WORKS!!! my thrall is constantly ignoring my orders, is confused what to do when he sees an enemy or even when i or he himself gets hit by enemy. not knowing what to do and than just pulling the weapon just to put it away a second later…??? doesnt matter if in “attack all enemies” or “guard me”. sometimes they start i i land a hit, but mostly not even than, ignoring EVERY order.

  8. loading times after telepoting so long that i get killed by a undead hyena (sinkhole) while i am still in loading screen… yes i am still on xbox one s but thats no excuse, other games find solutions for that too.

  9. long loading times for almost every opening op the inventory, when coming back to base i have to wait atleast 2 minutes untill my building starts loading in. i got used to that but its still anoying.

and thats only the tip of the iceberg. in my eyes this game has the potential to be the best survival game out there but you guys keep ■■■■■■■■ up.
and yes, yes may be written out of hate right now but only because i really care for this game and it makes me so sad that its wasting all its potential.

and PLS: before you work on new content, dungeon, mechanics, or new dlc you want money for, FIX THE BASEGAME FIRST! you cant expect us to put more and more money in the game when its not really working. and start on bringing new things to all dlcs, like the inverted stair corner, walls with 2 insides, faster elevators (every stair is 5times as fast), double doors, a bigger door but smaller than the gates, who need gates which are 4 walls high?, armor racks… there are so many additions that would make this game awesome but you keep adding all the old pieces with a new design, but we still miss important structure pieces so we can build the way we want…

i could rant on like that for hours but i am stopping here. am i stupid to keep my hopes up that this game we be in a good spot anytime? atleast bug free? i just want to enjoy this game… ;(

everyone who finds mistakes can keep them, english is not my main language …

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Hi @Rastigan, thank you for sharing your feedback and concerns with us.

We have a hotfix for consoles that will be released very soon that addresses some of the major issues that have been reported, namely server crashes and performance, as well as follower improvements and fixes.

We’re also aware of the remaining issues brought up and these are being looked into, in the future please only open one thread per issue you’re reporting if there are none open for it already, as indicated in our guidelines for this section:

Lastly, we have a dedicated team focused on addressing all reported issues that are working hard to have the game in its best state possible, even if it’s not at an ideal speed. The game has come a long way since release and we’ll continue to do strive for improving it further, always taking into account community feedback.

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yeah there is always a hotfix a patch or something… but i cant remember one day i played i didnt have more than 3 bugs while playing…i know you are still working on it but it feels so disappointing to invest money in this game and always have to live with all the bugs. since i am on xbox one s i have to live with laggs, freezes and long loading times anyway but there are so much more bugs…

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