Fix this game now!

Fix this game or give us all a refund!! It’s truly pathetic that you guys released a broken game. Like what’s the point of even releasing it? I can’t even log into my offline singleplayer game anymore. Crashes every single time. I only got about 20 hours worth of gameplay in and now I can’t even play it?


Not going to lie, I was given to understand that many more bugs would be sorted out between the last preview update and release…
But OP, if I sold you something and you came back to me with that attitude… I would help another client first. Just sayin’.


Pls OP speak for yourself, i have a sjeit ton of patience so i can wait. Besides you act as if this is the only game that has been released like this? Forgot about destiny, or fortnite or even farcry 5, cod mw and basically every game that has been released. You see the problem here is not developers, they do what they do: develop. And part of that job is to constantly improve, hence the name. The problem here is people like you, with an attitude as if they own this world. They can hardly ever be satisfied, spoiled to the core. And let me tell you this from a looooong lifetime experience, as i am in no doubt at least 25 year plus older then you OP, having no patience gets you no where, but throwing tantrums like this leave you also to be the laughing stock of the absent minded. And to finish this, the fact that you payed money for a game doesn’t mean a company is entitled to attent to your needs. Again you only make a fool of yourself. So… Next

Welp. I’ve played for nearly the last 24 hours non stop and crashed 4 times or so, compared to my first day playing (the day of most recent maintenance) on that day I crashed 24 times in 2 hours.
The first time I crashed last night, the people in the clan also crashed.
Other times I was all alone.
PvP official server EU
I can hardly wait until I wake up later and play some more :smile: It’s good
My NAT is open, I’m playing on wired connection, for online games :v:

Sooo I have had a 4 person painwheel thing on this beach for like 3 days just came over to get my tamed thralls and my whole set up is gone but some bags on the ground … no tamed thralls or my multiple chests worth of farmed junk tho I’m on a pve server what is going on please add a customer support option or something my base stuff keeps disappearing and I’m starting to get mad. I’m lvl 50 and if it lets me build stuff places stop flipping server deleting it on me damn

I feel your pain, but the investment of time and money (server/game) is worth the wait for me. I have crashed, lost loot, lost thralls, etc… there are glitches, bugs, and issues all over the place, but I step back, breathe, and persevere through it all. Perhaps its because I choose not to let it affect me. Anger gets you no where, set the game aside for awhile.

i agree. with B_Raw. this game was a long way from rdy to release. If you buy something you at the very least expect to be able to play it. how pissed would old man patience be if this was his car or tv or computer. Patience doesn’t have a thing to do wth it. Is it a cool game? Hell yes. So that should give them a pass. F NO. I guess Mr. Patience house is full of the coolest junk that doesn’t work. if that makes him happy so be it. The rest of us just want what we paid for


Sure… but its been less than a month now. Still inside the realm of reasonability. Let’s save the pitch forks and torches for after the first patch.

we have had a patch that did nothing for anyone. time is not what ■■■■■■ ppl off. its that they shipped a broken game.

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Doesn’t matter if it’s only day one, they shipped a “full version” it should be playable. Petty issue and QOL issues would be fine, bugs and glitches fine, not able to actually get on the game? Hell no

This game is a piece of garbage and “funcom” need to be held accountable, they lied throught their teeth about it being ready.

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If there were “bags” where your stuff was, then you were PURGED!

No I was not purged lol I was running up to my base location and I saw my stuff loading in then I saw it ALL break instantly and turn into bags… was so mad I just sat and stared at the ocean for 20 mins lol then went glutton 4 punishment 2 days later n rebuilt…

Btw games broken again myself and all tribe mates could not even open our base door to get out and could not break wall and when trying to go up stairs glitched into the foundations… please fix we can’t play like this

New update. Crash crash crash crash crash. Loool pathetic

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in the floor also. doors dont open. i think they got tired of me bitc… and put me 6 feet under.

but i crash ALOT on the eu server i play on but i have none of these other problems.

@AFC_HIGHBURY :sob: :sob: :sob:

Well that would definitely suck, don’t expect big things from last nights patch/update either, still crashing on xbox …so

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Lol yea after patch I can’t even load the game - I hit Conan exiles game then it trys to load I see unreal engine then dashboard, sometimes I get to the cinematic but after that it’s a black screen with loading dots at the bottom 4ever. I have hard reset like 20 or more times debating reinstalling but would take a day to reinstall with no guarantee fix…

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