What to do about clan following you server to server

There Are two very toxic players who follow us server to server and bring people with them to mess with us. They make up things to get people to fight us and over all just make up off the wall bs. Is there anything we can do? Has anyone else experienced this before?

Dont use same clan name, don’t use same in game names, hide online ID, you must have really pissed them off.

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Not much you can do apart from as @Samsquanch-01 said … it’s pretty hard to hide unfortunately due to the player list.

Family share some new accounts til the heat dies down

Or join an privat server and have a talk whit the server admin.

We literally did nothing they are just a bully clan. They got our locations because a guy who insided us went server to server to find us for them. They are legit crazy. They made up stories about fake scenarios that never happened. I have proof it was all lies from a message w a clan leader who wanted proof about what was said so he could address the trouble makers. They never been able to show proof because it’s all bs These people take things further than a game they find your Facebook pictures and post them In The forms, they have been at this for a year. Like they said the drama is what’s fun about playing the game or they wouldn’t. I have video of them uNdermeshing on one server w there bodies and names also have some screenshots of the toxic stuff they say. Basically I just want them to leave us alone. I do t want to keep switching servers because these grown adults are still into high school drama crap

Assuming your on ps4. Report them to sony. That a violation of conduct


I had this for a year… no matter what server I went too they turned up …undermeshed then offline raided me every time … Conan is toxic … you either get use too it or play on an alt account nobody else knows … as far as abuse messages you report or block them :woman_shrugging:

Sounds like harassment to me, they should be banned from online gaming and social media completely in my opinion. I hope you’ve reported them and something gets done.

Yes true, they needs to be repirted to admin.

Before you call for bans and accuse of harassment. I’m sure their might be two sides of the story. Hard to believe someone would go to those lengths for absolutely no reason. I could be wrong though.

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Is this youre first day on the internet?

Some reterdes do stuff just caouse they can whit no other purpus, ex corpes camping in vanilla WoW…

But yes its needs atleast 2 parts to have an conflict.

My suggestion was based on the belief that a report of harassment would lead to an investigation and require evidence to back it up. I should probably have said “if this is all true then they should be banned”.

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Yes we have a lot of evidence Videos messages screenshots and have always been able to back up our claims with evidence these people will make something up and produce no evidence because it’s bs! They guy likes drama And loves being toxic which is the only reason he plays conan… Got that in his own words! They will recruit people telling them false information just to hit us… childish really

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I’ve never understood people like that, gaming should be fun, where’s the fun in ruining someone else’s game? I honestly hope something is done so that you don’t have to tolerate such behaviour any longer.


Definition of fun for these people is to ruin someone else’s experience.

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Hi there,

I feel for you. Some ■■■■■■■■ called Moody harassed the hell out of my small clan when we were all Noobs. This was on a private server mind, so at least we had raid protect. But this bastard would come at us every time he could knowing the mechanics much better than us eventually causing my clan to quit the game.

I hope he feels proud.

He also found my steam/ discord ID and sent me personal messages, including excerpts from the film Conan about “destroying enemies etc”.

Anyway, just another reason why I CBA with this game and the disgusting behaviour some people think anonymity allows them to get away with.

Still hoping Funcom sees an opportunity to be a world leader in providing safe spaces online and taking a zero tolerance policy towards griefers, bullies and all forms of xenophobia.


Are you playing PVP or PVE?
If PVE, how bad could it be?

Pvp which these guys are garbage at so that isn’t the problem the problem is the harassment and the way they get there people by telling them disgusting off the wall stuff about us to get people to go against us. They have up to 20 people follow us lol They are extremely manipulating and can not tell the truth to save there lives. It’s crazy as an adult you hear the word bully and think of high school. Kid bs didn’t think grown ■■■ adults were this way. Guess that’s why there are so many kids who are bullies now a days and have no respect. It’s what there taught very Sad actually.

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You’ve been lucky if you’ve never run into people like that. There are some people who would go to incredible lengths just to harass and annoy and bully someone. How they pick their target can be something really minor, just a different hairstyle, or wearing shades indoors, or whatever. Usually these people are in their early teens, but unfortunately some grown-ups are similarly deranged.

That said, I definitely agree with you that there are two sides to the story. Or rather, three - his, theirs, and the truth. All points of view are subjective; no matter how hard we try to remain fair and impartial, if it’s a case where we are personalyl involved, our view gets skewed.